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Welcome back! As many of you know, this site has been down since late January, when it crashed. This was entirely my fault. I was impatient for a small change to be made and rather than wait on my tech support, I tried to teach myself. The result is I crashed the site. It has taken more than a month to restore the site. I am grateful to my tech team Ron (who it seems worked nearly around the clock to get this site back up), Andy, and Brian for everything they did to undo my mistake.

Unfortunately, even though the site has been restored, it has not been restored “whole.” The site has been re-uploaded using the original templates from when the site was created back in September 2009. This means that all blog entries (spanning October 16th, 2009 to January 22nd, 2010) and comments since then were lost. I was able to upload those blog entries to the old website, where they can still be read, but the comments are gone for good.

I have not written a new blog since January 22nd when the site went down, partly because I am back teaching but mostly because Jani has needed my complete attention. There have been some setbacks and some successes since then and I will fill you in soon. In the meantime, the 20/20 episode featuring Jani, plus two other local girls suffering from schizophrenia/psychosis, will air this Friday, March 12th, at 10pm on ABC. Previews are available here.


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  1. am i ever glad to see your update, even if it’s just a short one to let us know what’s up. i was beginning to get real worried even though you alerted us to the site being down. it’s funny cuz you don’t even know who i am (i’ve only commented once before, under a diff. name back at januaryfirst), yet i feel like you and your family have already become a part of my life. i’m not a creepo, just another human being out there that’s trying to dedicate my life to the same cause…

  2. It’s good to hear an update from you!! I’m also glad to hear you’re back teaching. I hope you let us know how that’s been going. 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to the 20/20 special tonight. I watched a preview on their website and it seemed like it was focusing on the right issues, instead of trying to use your stories as a platform for their own agenda. I’ll cross my fingers that your messages come across clearly.

  3. Glad to see you’re back. I’ve been checking the site each and everyday, sometimes more than once. I hope the kids are enjoying their quilts 🙂

    Note from Michael: Yes, they love their quilts! Both Bodhi and Jani sleep with theirs! Thank you again so much!

  4. I’m so glad you are back.
    I jave been away myselfl for a while, one of the complications of being BiPolar and ADD, and habeing 2 adult children with Mental illesses of various kinds. Poor hubby–only sane one in the bunch and I’m not so sureabout him.
    I was so afraid abot Jani and your whole family ==glad to hear you are teaching and have someone to help you.

    Blessings to you all, chinacat

    Note from Michael: China Cat, have you considered joining our online support group for parents of mentally ill children? I realize your kids are grown but I am sure you have much to share on how you got them there and the issue you continue to deal with. We have members who have adult children with mental illness. Go to my “Resources” page and click “Online Support Group.”

  5. Thank you
    Hi Michael, I watched the 20/20 episode on the web last wk (late March) from Australia and am filled with overwhelming admiration for you, Susan, Jani and Bodhi. I’ve become a devourer of your blog and the More Than Words blog to learn more about these conditions, and to help, if, where and when I am able.

    Thank you so much for telling Jani’s story. Yours and Susan’s honesty was breathtaking and shed a great deal of light on the lives of sensitive, articulate, clever and sometimes tormented & frightenend chidren living under a constant unbending pressure.

    Thank you, again.
    With hope and well wishes from Oz,
    Charley (aka Cheryl-Anne)

  6. The Village Project
    Ooo, also: I’m wondering; where are things at with The Village Project? I tried to read TVP page on FB Causes, but the page went black & froze twice. I think the prob is with the app on FB.

    Would love to hear how it is going if you have a chance to respond.
    Thank you so much, Michael.

  7. Feedback
    Hi Michael and Schofield family,

    First and forth more, you’re journey and strength is admirable. I saw the 2 episodes on TLC from Vancouver, Canada and was immediately drawn by the story. It was not only very shocking to watch and try to understand, but it is remarkable how you’ve developed strategies and techniques for a not very well understood realm like Schizophrenia. Even though it is not my field, I do believe that your experience should be further looked into for the development of future therapies for other people with Schizophrenia. I can’t imagine the pressure and stress you must live with but you are performing your best. You should be incredibly proud of that. Jani and Bodhi are very very very fortunate to have such noble, spirited, intelligent, strong parents. Many of us are not only supporting what you have done so far but hoping this can help the scientific community in testing and documenting parts of your story. Keep up the AMAZING work!

  8. I am a retired Mental Health RN and worked in in-patient mental health as well as community mental health. I was touched deeply by your book “January First”.
    As one of my sons was ready to graduate college in 1986, he was assaulted and severely head injured. He lived for 22 years and 8 months without having responded. He was in the trauma unit for 2months, in rehab for a year, at home for 2 1/2 years, and in a nursing home for
    18 years until he died 4 1/2 years ago.
    I have been on both sides of health and welfare-that of providing service and that of receiving service. I felt,at times, as helpless and hopeless as you did and you may still feel that same way sometimes.
    I identified so closely with you as I read your book and I cried at times while reading it. It so closely resembled the roadblocks that I experienced during my son’s nearly 23 years. We had poor care so many times but I hung in there every day of those years and became his voice. Medical care, nursing care,and administrative decisions all became a cross to bear. Even though he is gone and no longer has to endure these negative parts of his so-called illness, the pain of losing him and his dreams and all of his future will never go away. I understand the loss that you feel of never seeing Jani reach her full potential. I wish for you the courage and strength to continue for as long as you are able to care for Jani and Bodhi. Many blessings to you.

    Note from Michael: Wow. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. May he not have died in vain. Who assaulted him? You can email me at

  9. Michael Schofield and family, watched the show about the illness of his daughter Jani, and thought about how to help, being in a country far away, (Brazil)’ve been praying for your family, asking God to his daughter Jani was free from this disease, many people do not realize that this can be spiritual, it is not only a disease in my opinion, I was thrilled to see how much you fight for the lives of their children. But look for a church, ask a prayer to free her from everything that can be tormenting. I say this from experience, I’ve seen many people being diagnosed with various diseases pisicólogicas and indeed it was a spiritual problem. Look for the DVD and book: MIRACLES FOR PERSEVERANCE, AUTHOR: Mardiel Santana. I hope you and your family to see, and I have an answer about what you think of this dvd or book. God is able to make the impossible happen, just believe and have faith in God, you have Jesus as your only savior. A hug to the family.

  10. hi, i finished the book with the Impression, you must have incredible force and power, to go through all of this matyrium.
    Hopefully, you love your cildren so much, that i cant supress my idea of telling you the enormous Infiltration i had during the time reading your Story.
    Health is a matter of awareness aand knowledge. You never took your child to a natural doctor, because you never had been there before yourself. i was very ill myself, not only in my Body, but also in my brain. After 10 months of treatment (changing amalgam plombs in my teeth, eating no meet from the supermarket, no bread with yeast and no suggar cane ,and no pree cooked meals because of the glutamat), i coold go back to life as a almost healthy and likely person without suffering from attacks, wich nobody coud tell me, where they come from.
    The second reason was my curiosity. My mother is a nativ german person, but went to School in Canada. We never spoke about her childhood, but in the end, i had to go throug all the emotions, and development, she and my fahter had made in their lives. Unfortunatly, my parents posess contradictonarily charakters and so i had Problems for a Long time to find my way in life and to solve problems ad crices bymyself without taking help of my parents. If there is any bravery left in your heart and wish for yourself to help your daughter having a normal life, let her make a puification of the stomack and digestive System. It is not difficult, because there are vitamines and dried plants you can eat so everything goes within a couple of weeks. The main focuse has to be put on the water, you pass to your daughter. Take it from the health food shop and no plastic bottles please. There are algues tagletts, also available in there. This will give her Body stength to put up with what Comes next, for you and your wife also.
    I would not be alive anymore without this power of nature, because my parents did not take my problems as serious. Maybe i was too old, when my problems arouse, but they were quite epual to those you wrote about..
    My good bless you and your family and our planet as well, otherwise we all will suffer a lot in this century!
    Katja and Oliver

  11. please excuse my mistakes in language, i am out of English practice for more then 10 yeaers!