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  1. Keep on keepin’ on
    Gosh, Jani is a hero, and so are you guys, her parents. I wish you guys everything. You deserve every good moment to be with her. If i could find a cure i would, but im only 15 🙁 It makes me tear up with joy when i see how strong you are. Hold her hand every step of the way. God bless

    Note from Michael: I appreciate that. A cure would be lovely, but we are years away from understanding the brain enough to even hope to cure it. What we want is to bring attention to the need to support kids like Jani so they can have happy and fulfilling lives despite having a severe mental illness.

  2. Amazing
    You guys are amazing,i watched her show,and i broke down in tears because i wish i could find a cure but i am still very young myself 🙁

    I hope she lives on for many years.

  3. Watched your show
    I watched the show about January because the title caught my attention. I work with adults with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. Your story touched my heart and I was amazed at the video of Jani when she was a baby seemingly to watch something go back and forth across the room. My heart goes out to you both as parents. I have two children with behavorial problems and it has been taxing. I cannot imagine what you go through as a family with her. Thanks so much for sharing your story. You have touched my family deeply. God Bless

    Note from Michael: Michelle, you are welcome to join our online support group for parents of children with mental illnesses: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/parental-support/

  4. This story is truly inspiring.
    I work with children with Autism but am very interested in moving into this field. You’re daughter is a very beautiful little girl and I wish you all the best. She’s always in my thoughts.

  5. Unbelieveable
    The sacrafice that the two of you make (Micheal and Susan) is so amazing for the two of your children. I can’t ever imgine how much you must go through and you deserve a break more than anyone else… and no one else can probably understand what you go through.

    Jani is so beautiful and I pray that if she does not ever see an end to her hallucinations, that at least they are happy ones.
    You are amazing parents and I wish you the best of luck in your journey.:)

  6. Hello
    I watched the Oprah show today and I’m sure I saw the same story last year. I was hoping Oprah would have done a follow up show with Jani.
    I want to know how she is doing and how you and your wife and son are coping with Jani’s illness another year later.

    Note from Michael: Yes, it was a repeat of the episode from last October. We are getting by and learning more and more about what Jani needs. You can read my blog entries to get a sense of where we are now.

    Best regards,

  7. Amazing
    You are absolutly amazing, I feel sad for Jani but at the same time I want to know what it’s like to be her, I kinda hust want to get inside her head. I haope she live’s for a long time. Good Luck!!!;)

  8. Anyone know if the oprah episode about this is on the web somewhere?
    Wow that was incredible! Anyone know if the oprah episode about this is on the web somewhere?

  9. this is wrong!!! you just want media attention!!!
    i saw jani on the oprah show…..
    first of all the medications she gets are [u]even[/u] dangerous for adults, i think you make a big mistake. and i believe you two are [u]bad [/u]parents. [u]clearly[/u] this medications are not working, so maybe she is [u]not[/u] schizophrenic. it look more that the dad and mom do this because they want [u]attention[/u].
    the violents began around the age of 5 when bodhi (or something) was born. it looks more like [u]jealousy[/u] to me.. (maybe she thinks somebody else says her to hit him, but maybe unaware she just want to she talks to her imagenation maybe because nobody else is listening) when i saw the baby tapes, immediately thought she has autisme
    when the said that he ones took half of the pil and he just wanted to sleep, maybe then you should think she had ocd, (which comes with violents,,, i know somebody with ocd (she had violents issues)maybe that is why medications is not working) not schizo. [u]i still believe she has autisme and something else but not schizophrenia…
    sorry but your bad parents ([u]if it’s only for the medication[/u])>:(>:(

    i am right if you delete my comment!!

    Note from Michael: Why would I delete your comment? You sound incredibly coherent.

  10. wow…
    Firstly I want to say that both of you are incredible people to be able to remain so positive and have the outlook that do you, I believe that everybody could learn a lesson or two from hearing your story especially in today’s society.
    Secondly I just want to vent how incredibly closed minded and naive some people can be. it angers me people such as “its none of your business” can openly judge and make such comments. even the most educated and respected mental health professionals internationally are divided about diagnosis and medication…so who the hell are you, “its none of your business” to criticise decisions made by parents who have to deal with the realities of such conditions. Come up with 100% clear, correct, proven and tested evidence that your claims about what this little girl is suffering from is right before making such ignorant and damn right inappropriate remarks! And good luck in the process, let us all know when you can do such a thing, the world is waiting!
    I myself have a mental illness history, and have been placed on risperdal when I was 14 years old after experiencing various psychotic episodes as a result of previous sexual abuse. I am now 19 and far away from the debilitating problems that I once dealt with. I’m now studying in the mental health sector and endeavour to use my experiences and outlook to my advantage. I am neither for nor against clinical diagnosis or the use of medication as I am well aware of the pros and cons for both sides. It is an extremely difficult topic, and I don’t believe we are remotely close to coming to a solution or a clear cut decision for any such issues, and perhaps there will never be. I support and am open minded to arguments across the board and I only hope that each individual case of every kind is handled to the best of the abilities of anyone involved in that person’s life being professionals and family members. And that, I firmly believe you are both doing in regards to your beautiful daughter Jani.

    Note from Michael: I suspected that “it’s none of your business” was perhaps someone who suffers from a mental illness and is not medicated. I don’t know. I didn’t take it personally.

  11. You guys have quite a story about Jani. I saw the episode on Oprah and I was touched. I can’t ever know how you both feel as parents or how Jani must feel. I do know how I feel about the issue and that is the fact that you both have handled the situation in the best way possible in my opinion. I hope some how this can be encouragment to you both. I’m taking an Intro Psychology class this semester in college..and we have to do a group project. I talked with my group and we are going to tell about Jani’s story and about Schizophrenia. We just want students in our class to realize how serious it is and to see how strong you guys are in dealing with this. I have so much respect for you both.

    God bless,
    Wendy Rittenhouse

  12. I’ve watched a lot of programs about Jani, and I just wanted to say that you are all doing so well. I’ve never seen or heard of two parents so willing to do whatever they can for their daughter. It must be so hard living a day to die life in each of your shoes; both of you are so strong. I’m hoping that one day they will come up with a drug strong enough to get rid of all Jani’s hallucinations without harsh side effects. You have all come so far, and i’m sure that the future only holds positive aspects for all of you.

  13. I watched the program on discovery health about Jani and it deeply touched my heart. She is a beautiful girl and you as parents are such positive, caring, self-sacrificing souls, I wish your family the best. God bless you!! 🙂

  14. Curious to know
    I believe in the ordinary and the extraordinary. I wonder if you ever thought that.. maybe.. she’s not crazy. Maybe, she is not schizophrenic. There are worlds within worlds and sometimes those who are more brilliant and see more than others.. have a harder time connecting to those who see less.
    I absolutely love that you are so dedicated to your daughter. She is definitely gifted.

    Note from Michael: Absolutely she is gifted. And I have no idea if she is seeing reality and we are seeing a fiction. But it doesn’t matter because her reality tries to kill her. What schizophrenia really is is less important to me than keeping Jani from harming herself. And by the way, I don’t think of my daughter as “crazy.” We in the community of mental health advocates find that term offensive. My goal is to help Jani and other mentally ill children be accepted within our society, not draw a distinction between them and the rest of us. But foo-foo New Age belief systems don’t help the nightmare day to day existence that these children go through.

  15. curious to know II
    You say you don’t want your daughter to harm herself, but whose saving her from all the drugs she’s taking to get rid of these “illusions”? The kind of damage that does to a little child’s liver is pretty devastating. Not to mention other vital organs, like her brain and mental development.
    I don’t find the word crazy devastating or even offensive. Because everyone goes crazy at some point of time in their life. And if you were paying attention.. I wasn’t saying she was crazy, or saying you thought it. I was stating what you just repeated.
    What you call “froo-froo” new-age, well that is just offensive to me and to a lot of other native americans… Our remedies have done a lot of healing. More so than the scientists and doctors you rely on.
    By taking all of these medications you are destroying her body more then she is destroying herself with her own mind. She can’t use her own brain-power to build the mental strength to fight what ever is going on inside her mind. Being in a constant dream-like state is only going to make it easier for her to see things.
    Do you know what helps what you call ‘the nightmare they go through’? Faith and belief. just what do you believe in? What do you do to strengthen her mind from these nightmares she goes through?

    Note from Michael: Your “remedies” have done more than scientists and doctors? Okay. Sure. That can kind of statement shows that I really can’t rationalize with you.

    Second note from Michael: Okay, I am feeling better now. A better way to respond would be to say that, yes, I am aware of the risks of the drugs that Jani takes and the potential damage to her body, but don’t you think if I thought there was any other way to keep her alive and safe AND allow her some freedom from her illness AND most importantly, happiness and enjoyment of the world without these medications, I would? Of course I would. The medications are far from perfect, but they are the best option we have right now. The alternative methods you propose are not scientifically supported and can be extremely risky, much like telling someone who has cancer to try and cure their cancer with New Age beliefs instead of chemotherapy. Anybody with an illness (any illness) who does not take medication is putting their life at risk.

  16. Beyond words…
    Inspiring does not even begin to cover the awe I feel for your family. You seem to have taken lemons and made some amazing lemonade, to say the least. I believe that many people can’t even begin to understand how your family can survive, but you seem to have turned a potentially disastrous situation into a phenomenally strong family unit that you must be commended.
    You have a brilliantly tough daughter who needs you both, and you have successfully managed her needs as well as the needs of your son (who I would expect to be equally as exceptional) without resenting each other in the process. God bless you all, you will be in my prayers and thoughts.
    Much love,

  17. you never answered my questions.
    what do you believe in? What do you do to strengthen her mind from these nightmares she goes through?
    There’s got to be more in a cure than just pills. To this, I am very sure of.
    Also, please quit confusing new-age remedies with native American belief. I can assure you they are not the same.

    Oh, and my Grandfather had cancer. He tried chemo and also the chemo shots.. it actually killed him more than the cancer. He took himself off all of that and tried something else.
    No joke.

    I agree that a lot of the time someone out there is just trying to make a buck. & I know science has come a long way from where it started– but it isn’t everything. & it isn’t you’re only answer. Sometimes, the best healing comes from within ourselves.

    Note from Michael: “What do you believe in?” That’s a good question and I confess you have made me think about the answer. I could say that I believe in Jani, but that is a pat answer. I don’t know that I have a core belief system. For so long it has just been about survival that I didn’t have time to think about what I believe or what I offer Jani as a belief system. I still don’t know that I can. I still feel like we are surviving. You are right that medicine alone will not fix everything, but that is not all we do. We spend all our time working with Jani, doing animal therapy with her, art therapy, music therapy, anything that she enjoys. Animals work the best. We do horse therapy with her and we also take every opportunity we can find to have it so she can work with and take care of animals, be it at the local shelter or even at Petsmart or Petco, where the staff will sometimes let her help with the cleaning and feeding of animals. My greatest desire is to be able to afford a farm where mentally ill kids can work with animals, and where we could conduct all the therapies that I have seen work for mentally ill kids and a place where they can feel accepted and at home despite their illness. If you think that the only thing we do is give Jani medication then you haven’t read many of my blogs.

  18. Hm.
    Truth be told, I read a few of your blog entries.. but I haven’t seen any recent updated ones?
    I guess, it’s hard to understand the whole picture when you’re an outsider. It’s hard to know what’s really real or just “put together” but reality tv shows.. .do you understand? I like the fact you have this website, and the fact you actually respond back. It helps me understand what I couldn’t know just by watching the special on Jani.
    I have so many more questions for you, but I don’t want to spam your website. I know you’re a very busy man, but maybe when you get five minutes to spare you can send me an email. thisisjaderevived@hotmail.com

    I would appreciate it.


    Note from Michael: Probably better if you email me at michaeljohnschofield@me.com. I will try to get back to you when I can.

  19. Jani comment
    I admire your devotion to Jani and to your bravery through raising her. But I’m not sure I agree with the concept of not punishing Jani, when she has lashed out in violence or otherwise misbehaved. I just think that she should be punished for hitting, etc. just like a normal child should be. On one hand, the psychosis is causing her violence. However, it is a natural response for young children to hit or steal toys etc. Losing the approval of their parents is what causes them to abandon their visceral reaction and adopt a more appropriate reaction.
    I don’t mean physical or major punishment. But she should at least have an understanding that her reactions, while they feel natural for her, are not appropriate or accepted in the world. The world will not understand her outbursts and will shun her for them.

    Note from Michael: She understands that her actions are wrong but the whole point of psychosis is that you can know something is wrong but not be able to control it. Psychosis is a thought disorder that prevents the brain from breaking out of a destructive thought pattern. Because it is a failure of logical thought rather than an emotional outburst, punishing her does no good, nor would it for any psychotic child. You are punishing them for something that was essentially done by their defective mind. It is the same as punishing someone for losing control of their bodily functions because they have cancer. And she is already well aware that the world shuns her, as is every other mentally ill child I’ve had the pleasure to know. Shunning them is not what they need.

  20. She is such a sweet little girl. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when i was 17 I am 18 now. I was very psychotic I said bizarre things like I seen demons. They gave me the medicine risperidone. I think that was one of the medicines jani used to be on. It is a great struggle. but I can fuction a lot better. and I go to church.:)

  21. an amazing child. What was jani for halloween this year?:););)

    Note from Michael: Supergirl and Bodhi was Buzz Lightyear.

  22. Curious
    Do you ever feel frustrated at people’s lack of understanding about your daughter and her Psychosis? What do you do to unwind or relax?

    Not from Michael: I do, but it is part of my job to try and educate, not just about Jani’s illness but all childhood mental illnesses. Relaxing? Don’t get much of a chance for that.

  23. Jani
    I like that one picture of Jani where she is sitting inside this big blow up tunnel it’s very colorful its green and yellow. I seen your documetry of Born schizophrenic Januarys story on discovery health during psych week may 14,2010. It was a very intersting story. Before I seen It I never knew that Childeren could have schizophrnia as young as 5 years of age. How has Jani been doing lately?

    Note from Michael: Generally she has been doing well although fall/winter is always a tougher time.

  24. Does bodi show any signs of beign schizophrenic? Since it runs in your family. are is he too young?:o

    Note from Michael: He is too young to know but so far he is not like Jani when she was his age.

  25. I completly understand the stigma that mental illness creates I have a friend that is schizophrenic and often people will say that he is faking just to get attention. But he is not. People are not very understanding when it comes to beign either bipolar or schizophrenic.

    Note from Michael: If people knew even a fraction of what it what it was like to be schizophrenic they would never say something like that. No one would ever pretend to be schizophrenic, not that you can anyway. It can’t be done.

  26. I woke up I seen a huge lepoard in front of my face I could not convince myself he wasn’t real I was terrified he sat right next to me face to face and I was to shocked to scream but I got up and went in the living room and he followed me in there. Finally he went away I thought Jani has to live like this everybody and that is simply not fair. Like jani I see animals. But there only leporads do jani’s hallacunations scare her. Because mine is so realistic I thought he was real but my mother told me I was Just dreaming and Imagined it up and then I vowed I woundn’t sleep the rest of the night I was awake the whole night because I was too scared to fall back asleep.

    Note from Michael: I don’t know if Jani’s hallucinations scare her. She doesn’t always tell us everything she experiences. I think she gets tired of having to explain herself all the time and having people not believe her. Or it could be that she has had them all her life so she is used to it by now. Even if it isn’t scary, I can’t imagine what it must be like to never be alone inside your own head. She is my hero but even I still struggle to be understanding. My October blog was about that.

  27. 2nd shade of grace
    Animals,art,flips,swinging,and music…. we adore these things. Please listen to Black Dove by Tori Amos, its nice when a song writer follows a similar path. I always saw myself as that song, but the lyrics clearly say January. I guess that means we can share it:) All the sweet humble smiles we hope to capture,

  28. Have you tried subjecting jani to isolationm chambers?

    Various music?

    Have you let her play instruments? If so what was it like?..

    Note from Michael: Isolation chambers? The last thing you would want to do with someone who is psychotic is to isolate them alone with their psychosis.

    As for your other question, she has some interest in musical instruments but she is not compelled to play. She does however need her music ( kids’ CDs) all the time. I think it helps to block out her hallucinations.

  29. My Support
    I in no way want to voice my opinion in where YOUR DAUGHTER should live or whom should be responsible to raise her. I only want to say that I see your beautiful, vibrant daughter as an original. She is a work in progress a masterpiece, you may even consider. She has stolen my heart and I think of her struggle daily. She is raised by two amazing strong parents and with this consistent courage and strength all roads will become clear. No matter what the future holds for her she is certainly loved by all. I have heard many express sympathy for your life, but this was the life that you were all given, and for a reason. Jani has much to teach everyone and has a definite purpose. Be proud of how strong she is continue your journey with pride. You were definetly meant to be her parents and Brodi will find his place in her life as well. I congratulate your family and suppporters and will continue to hold all of you in my thoughts daily. She is amazing. I will do my part to educate my friends and family to help continue get your word out and further your support.

    Note from Michael: I agree. I don’t regret anything. I regret her suffering but I don’t regret our lives. This is what we were called to do.

  30. Amazing
    hi there, to me Jani doesn’t seem like a schizophrenic. She seems very smart, and more like a prodigy. She seems brilliant. Her mid seems to be on another level than ours.

    Note from Michael: No doubt. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t schizophrenic. She is smart and brilliant and on another level. Unfortunately, that level occasionally tries to kill her.

  31. My heart goes out to your family. This may be an absolute long shot but have you ever had her titers for strep drawn? Not just the sore throat strep test but blood draw? Strep can do crazy things to the brain and the Check out Saving Sammy website/book. He was also featured on Mystery Diagnosis and the Today show.

  32. Student
    Have you ever wondered about past life regression on January, or been open to the idea? Her eyes…there’s something so beautifully dark and moving about her eyes. What do spiritual advisors/healers etc. have to say? ANything that’s been helpful to Jani’s or any of your all’s journey??

    You are ALL amazing. God has touched each of you. Blessings.

    Note from Michael: Beliefs aside, we have not and do not consult with spiritual advisors/healers, regardless of whether it is organized religion or spiritual beliefs. This is not a matter of faith or spirituality. This is a matter of fighting a biological disease.

  33. You are a beautiful family, and Jani is a beautiful soul. You are so very dedicated, and couldn’t imagine being in your shoes.

    I hope that you remember to also take care of yourselves as well as Jani.

    I find it interesting that you would be so open to experimenting with different treatment options, but have you ever thought ‘what if a “new age foo-foo” or holistic treatment or prayer would help?’

    I understand that it is a biological dis-ease and that medication & professional help is a must, but what if they helped.. even just to aid in comforting her for minutes at a time. What if it helped to ease her mind?

    There is medical research being done on this, if you are open to looking for it.


    Sending love & prayers to you and your family

  34. hello
    Yaul are awesome parents! I know how your daughter feels in a way because i have schizoaffective disorder and a bunch of other things. My parents have stood by me the whole way and I am now 26 years old and they helped me out a lot. I see things, hear things, smell, taste, and feel. It really frightens me when i see this guy and visions and stuff that i have had. I WILL be praying for yaul. I first visited a doctor when i was 15 years old but my parents had noticed me being angry and irritable. I had a hard time sleeping too. THe only reason i sleep now is because i am on tons of meds. We have hope though. THere is always hope!

  35. Where can we watch Jani’s shows that have been on tv. Any links available?

    Stay strong Mom n Dad your doing the best!


  36. your story touched me.
    I just recently saw Jani’s story on youtube. It really touched me. one of my cousins is diagnosed with Schizophrenia and bi polar. he’s 23 years old. you have a beautiful daughter. God Bless her. I wish you and your family the best.

  37. hey
    Hi guys..
    This is Nivedita and i live in Mumbai, India. Was watching Oprah late last nite and was deeply touched with the entire episode featuring JAni and you guys. I pray to god that you have all the strength and patience to be there for Jani..and that Jani lives, Lives to become best friends with her brother..that Bodhi realises wht an amazing sister he has and can be there for her..as he grows up and that one day all of Janis imaginary friends decide to be nice to her..and not hurt her…
    Love and god bless

  38. About me,
    I also have schizophrenia paranoid type. and I just want to say wow your story is so touching. Im 15 years old and im a boy and even I wanted to cry lol

  39. My name is Monica. I’m in AP Psychology and we watched Jani’s story. It has seriously captivated not only mine, but also my classmates attention. I really wish that you would update more. I’d like to see where this goes. She seems like she has so much potential. And it’s very interesting. I hope that all is still well. -Monica

    Note from Michael: Hi, Monica. I update my blog two or three times a month on average (sometimes more, sometimes less). You can read it here: http://www.janisjourney.org/index.php?option=com_myblog&Itemid=94

  40. hello
    My cousin has the same thing. he is on meds and has tried to kill himself once that i know of. i know you might not believe this but if you had a good belief system in God, Jesus to be more precise, it could help u more than any meds will ever be able too. i know this because of my cousin, my sister at one point sat down with him (shes christian) and one of his so called personalities took over and lets just say what he said wasnt something that a mind made up entity normally says but my sister with Gods help actually controlled it from fully manifesting itself into violence ( he was visiting and she has small kids)… i see bits of that in your child. she is not crazy nor sick, she is extra sensitive to spirituality and i know you are trying your best as a father but there is one whom is your father and with him and his love for you as your love is with your child, can take authority over the life of your child and keep her safe from those animals she sees that hurt her if she doesnt listen.

    As for my cousin he is of age now and knows Jesus and could stop what he is going through by taking authority over his life, but it has been hard for him to deal with non the less, with his traumatic past, with his father and abusive atmosphere it can become difficult if you dont let go of the past, anger and hate, ( which is what some spirits use to hold them captive ), but it shouldnt be the case here if you are supportive of your child as you very much seem to be and refrain from making her think she is ill. You could even teach her to take authority and when they bother her she could tell them to leave her be or even you can do it in the name of Jesus.

    Gods love is great for you and your family all you have to do is trust Him. science cant solve what is not physical. Dont follow religion nor peoples opinion. God only becomes a religion when people try to put him in a box of selected text within his word to indoctrinate. Dont select, just trust Him and let Him guide you if you so choose. if not he loves you the same and he will not violate your choice. Im not saying to take her off the meds either, my cousin still has his.
    The biggest danger is that she will get far too attached to them and never want them to leave. But until she is sovereign your still the parent. Please dont take this as pushing of any sort of thing on you as alot seem hostile to Christianity as it is and i dont blame them one bit as its not for the faint of heart. But God loves you, keep that in mind as he keeps you in His. sorry if this was too long but i needed to tell you and it comes from love so i hope you dont take it the wrong way.

    Note from Michael: God created medicine, too. God works through His people.

  41. RE: It’s none of your buisness
    Considering Jani’s history, I doubt that it is autism. You are in no position to accuse someone of wanting media attention. This is purely inspirational! Kudos to you Susan and Michael!! 🙂

  42. You have an amazing little girl; she is so strong for having to cope while existing in two worlds. I wish the best for your family. You two are also very strong. It must be so hard. Have you guys thought about helping her writing her experiences down as sort of a therapy for her? Maybe it can help others enter into her world and make it more of a reality for her where she can be in control and feel as though she is not dealing with this alone. Also have you thought of looking into homeopathic remedies that may assist her as well as the medication she’s on? I don’t know much about schizophrenia or mental diseases and after watching this and reading your story on discovery health, I can only imagine the extremity of her condition. I sure you guys must of looked into all types of resources to help her so your family can become whole. I just pray that things get easier for you all.

  43. Abstract painting is a great release for what ever. My suicidal thoughts were so strong that I tried many ways, but splatter paintings helped me the most.

  44. Animal Assisted Therapy
    I read your comment about alternative therapies and I just had to tell you: I share your dream for that farm! I’m a fairly new school counselor, but have a passion for those alternative therapies and the impact they have on children with mental illness. I am glad to hear that you feel those alternative therapies are beneficial to January and other children. Hopefully one day I’ll open an alternative therapies center, but I hope someone beats me to it! There is definitely a need.

    Note from Michael: I am a huge believer in alternative therapies in addition to medication. Medication alone won’t work. I envision a collective of animal therapy (Jani works great with animals-gives her focus), occupational therapy, recreational therapy, art therapy, etc.

  45. Schizophrenia
    I don’t think there’s anything ill about her at all. Schizophrenia is a completely bogus concept, as is 99.9999% of all psyhciatric diagnosis. The term was made up by an insecure, spiritually devoid western society to describe a certain kind of behavior that it simply does not understand.. Micahel, I admire you and your family’s story and was wondering if you could watch a video, which I was only just paraphrasing.. Please tell me what you think of Terence Mckenna’s ideas and how they may or may not pertain to the entity January Schofield.

  46. Well Wishes
    Michael and Susan, while watching Jani’s biography on television, it was at that point when I knew I wanted to pursue my Ph.D. in Child Psychology. Thank you for being the inspiration for my career

  47. just wanted to say hi
    hi, im makailah. im 13 years old. i first heard of schizophrenia when i 12 when i watched you on 20/20. i have aspergers and adhd. my therypist wants me to get tested for schizophrenia, i really dont want to get tested because my mom said if i am she’s not going to be able to take care me. i really dont care if she does or doesnt. im in my last year of middle school. i hopefully might be getting out of speacial ed this year, i was in there because kids use to tease me in class and i would walk out school, pull teachers hair, call people cuss words, talk with the ghost,and just distory the room when i got mad. i really dont fit in with anyone at school, i mostly talk with the ghost, they’re my friends and some live with me and the others in my world.my friend lisa (she has aspergers too. she lives is LA and i live in pittsburgh so we talk on the phone alot)listens to me when i talk to her about them and she’s really supportive. schizophrenia plays a very big role in my family on my dad’s side and shockingly my mom really isnt supportive, she just yells. but my teacher is supportive, she’s really nice to me. but i just wanted to say that you bring me hope, thx (sorry if i wrote too much)

    Note Michael: Hi, Ma’Kailah. I’m sorry about your mother not being supportive. Susan could really relate to that. You can write to her at susandschofield@me.com. The important thing is to focus on the positives in your live. You have your friend Lisa and your teacher. And if the ghosts don’t bother you and give you comfort, I see no problem with them. Some of Jani’s “friends” are benign, not bad, and some get her into trouble.

    By the way, how are they planning to test you for schizophrenia? I ask only because as far as I know there is no “test” for it.

    Call out to JESUS!!!! I’m not talking about religion, I’m telling you.. JESUS IS THE LIGHT.. He is TRUTH. SEEK HIM, your daughter will be healed!!!!!

  49. Poor child i kinda know what she is going through i go through momment where i love a person and want to be around them to where there is a voice telling me to hurt them and kill them but i fight it and isolate myself at these time and and sometimes helps but not always i hpoe she can fing a way to help herself and eventully make friends she should try a diary it helps me sometime

  50. Poor child i kinda know what she is going through i go through momment where i love a person and want to be around them to where there is a voice telling me to hurt them and kill them but i fight it and isolate myself at these time and and sometimes helps but not always i hpoe she can fing a way to help herself and eventully make friends she should try a diary it helps me sometime

  51. Your family’s story is so amazing, and I know it must not seem like it to you because of all the difficulties the illness causes, and I hope you are not offended by me saying so, but there is something I find very beautiful and fascinating about schizophrenia, and I wish I could get a glimpse of what Jani sees. And I know she sees and feels some bad things, but it seems like she sees a lot of good things, too, and that must be because you keep her happy. I hope you are able to keep her happy.

    Note from Michael: I am not offended at all. Many times I have wished I could see what she can see, so I could relate better to her, understand her better.

  52. I am so glad that after all you have been through you guys are able to live together again. The fact that Jani’s violence has calmed down enough that you guys are able to live in the same apartment must be such a blessing, i am so happy for you. I keep Jani in my prayers every day.I hope it continues to get better 🙂

  53. Amazing Parents
    I watched the show that Oprah did with you guys tonight, and it just blew me away. Michael and Susan, you are the role models for the best parents in this entire world. I am a 30 year old single Dad, my son suffers with Autism, but compared to Jani’s condition, it just awes me how the two of you guys manage. I wish you nothing but success, and I will say a prayer for your sweet daughter, I hope she can experience as many “normal” times and happy times as possible. My heart goes out to all of you (Micheal, Susan, Brodi (sp?) and Jani).

    Note from Michael: Thank you. My hat is off to you as a single father. I can’t imagine doing this on my own and have immense respect for those who have to. And it’s Bodhi 🙂

  54. I’m from Poland. I saw Jani in tv program ( TLC). She’s great girl and very smart. Be srong and love each other like now. You’re best family if i ever know and met. 🙂

  55. I really feel for your family and of course for Jani as well. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 15 and it has been a long 12 years since, only of which the last year or so has been productive for me. I saw the video of Jani when my mother showed it to me and I read comments left by other viewers, and felt my heart break. When I first started showing “behavioral” changes at around 13, and then following my diagnosis, I garnered sympathy because I was so young. As I grew older however, tempers of other became shorter and tolerance for situations not within my control lessened severely. It was as if now that I was an adult, I should have outgrown my condition. People have compassion for children but in my experience the same compassion is not extended toward the adults in the streets with the same condition. I suddenly felt afraid for Jani, because those same kind people today may see her as “a burden to society” later, and I hope you have luck in preparing her for the way many may see her in later years. Teach her to be strong, and love her more every day because stigma is the hardest thing to deal with when “sane” and the thing that gets you into the most trouble when not. I hope she can make good friends that stick beside her. Some of my friends have stayed but making new ones is difficult, because as soon as they find out, they are gone. I really hope she can prosper and God bless you, Bodhi, and Jani!

    Note from Michael: Thank you for sharing your story. You are absolutely right. I do my best to try and make the connection for society between Jani and a person on the street raving to themselves. The only difference between them and Jani is that Jani still has someone to care for her. What you bring up is exactly what I hope to change. It is my hope that when readers do see a person yelling at the air they will think of Jani and show compassion.

  56. ur not alone
    im 31 years old & also have schizophrenia & got the Born Schizophrenic DVD just yesterday & watched it with my parents & they learned alot. ive not been to a hospital before, not yet anyway. im holding down a good job & am a great uncle. please tell Jani im proud of her, i dunno what else to say so im just gonna stop here

    Note from Michael: Thank you, Andrew, for the good wishes. I will let her know.

  57. not alone
    This is inspiring! makes me work harder and learn to deal with my bipolar disorder.

  58. My hero!
    You are so amazing as a family and each. I’m watching your show on TLC and I’m truly inspiring. Jani is my hero xD
    I wish U all the best and long amazing life for U Jani 😉
    All the best from Poland

  59. Inspiring!
    I know that the concept of perfection is hard to imagine and not completely realistic, however if you could get as close to perfection as you can in parenting Michael and Susan you are perfection. I’m not even twenty years old yet, and have never had any form of relation or experience with mental illness but when watching videos of Jani I see your love and patience for your daughter no matter how challenging the situation.
    My cousin began to tell me about Jani one night and I couldn’t register how this was even possible. It just seemed too unfair! At five and seven years old I was carefree and playing with my mom or just sitting watching tv, I cannot imagine going through childhood without the innocence that comes with it. I knew throughout my childhood that I had safety and security, I dont know what it would’ve been like to have that ripped away from me. I can only imagine how you feel watching your daughter everyday and wondering what internal battle she will face this day.
    While watching your stories I cried for many reasons. I want you to know that Jani and children like her will hold a special place in my heart, and that I admire you. Stay strong and I hope that in the future brightness shines upon your family and chases away the darkness if only for the moments that make everything worthwhile.

  60. I too, like many others, heard about Jani & your family first on TV (Discovery Channel?) I remember my whole family watching & my young daughter being so entranced with Jani. I was excited to find your book, and this site, to get updated on her. Even years later, my daughter still remembers Jani. After I read your book…I was exhausted! And that was just from reading it! I cannot imagine what you as the parents went through and continue to go through. Even at my daughter’s most trying moments, they couldn’t compare. So I don’t think ANYONE can say what they would do, how they would feel, or how they would parent a child like Jani unless they were in your shoes. Yes, I am a Christian, but I do not agree with some of the judgment you got from fellow believers. As a parent, you do your best that you know how for your family. Only you know what it’s like, and what works for your family unit. Whether other people agree or approve is irrelevant. Be strong & best wishes to all of you.

  61. Jani
    Dear Michael and Susan,
    You are amazing. What you are doing for your daughter is truly unspeakably wonderful. To have that much commitment and to love your daughter that much, you are both giving up your lives for her. You are living away from your partner and spouse everyday and enduring your daughter’s violent or irrational behavior alone. Your act of selflessness is so touching. God already has a place for you in heaven.
    Love, Laurie

  62. Please keep Jani safe. I also suffer from schizophrenia and know how it REALLY feels.
    Jani is my rolemodel and she helps me through this journey. When she smiles, I smile and I actually wish that I knew jani irl. I’m a few years older than her and I just wish I could meet her. Our behavoir is similar, only hers is more severe. I truly respect and adore Jani so much and wish for her to live a happy life, even with this horrible illness. Keep her safe and please update often (especially on utube)
    They call me Ace, so do so too ~Ace Talbad 8)

  63. Just saw the Dr Phil programme …
    … about your daughter. She is amazing. Very interesting programme, but a very worrying situation for you.
    I wish you all the best with your book and of course with your kids.

    Just one thing that really really annoyed me – Susan. While the hell can’t she shut up when others are talking. She doesn’t need her gums flapping non-stop.

    Note from Michael: Let me ask you a question? You insulted my wife. How would you expect me to react? She does so much to keep the kids going. The book would not have even made to publication without her. Please do not return to this page.

  64. Has janni ever been tested for sleep disorder? considering she barely sleeps normally, this could be impossible. Im just wondering if she is sleeping and dreaming most of the time. I just cant imagine how tired her brain gets considering her intelligence. I was reading about a girl who slept 2 1/2 mths and sleep walked to eat. Obviously there is more going on, but if she is in a sleep state, a code word could be developed to wake her up thru hypnosis. just a thought… sorry if I offended anyone.

    Note from Michael: No, no offense taken. I do think there is a correlation between schizophrenia and REM sleep, although no link has ever been established. We actually don’t know if Jani dreams. She has never described any dreams so I wonder if she doesn’t dream and if this might be the cause of her psychosis. A sleep study was done on her when she was five and it showed higher than normal body movement during sleep but nothing more. She would need what is called an “active MRI” while she slept to learn whether REM is happening but that is expensive and not covered by insurance.

  65. is it possible janni is sleeping and dreaming? Considering her intelligence her brain must need a lot of sleep to process all her thoughts. Sleeping without REM since she is alert and interacts… DOUBLE jeopardy there. Any thoughts on hypnosis for code word to wake up and sleep? Her eyes at times remind me of a friend who sleep walks and interacts with people and his surroundings. Just a thought..sorry if I offended anyone.

    Note from Michael: No offense. I just don’t trust hypnosis. Jani has a strong sense of self and I don’t want to risk that.

  66. What an incredible family.
    Michael, I am nearly finished January First. I have been a nurse for thirty years, mainly emergency. I see the toll mental health issues take on families, generally at their worst, but you never see behind the scenes. Your story really is the most poignant I have ever read. I am amazed by what you and Susan and Brohdi, and most of all, Jan(n)i have tackled so far. I can only hope the future gets a bit easier for you all. What an incredible little girl she is. You have told the story so well. Huge respect, and best wishes from the topend of Down under.

    Note from Michael: Thank you.

  67. I wonder
    If maybe sometime I could meet Jani…. I understand her completely and I think I may have schizophrenia as well. I meet all the criteria for the illness and most of my friends really think I have it. I do experience hallucinations, delusions and psychosis. But also those very many small, seamingly unnoticed symptoms like lack of hygiene&loss of interest. I want to tell an adult but I know how harsh the stigma is. I have already taken a few hard knocks from others, teasing me and telling me that I’m a lire or a crazy nut.
    I want to meet Jani and maybe play with her so that I can connect with somebody who understands me. I also study psychiatry and psychology so it would be an amazing experience. I now the possibilities of meeting her are more than slim but I guess I can always hope. Thank you, and send love to Jani saying that she’s only shunned by the ignorant, but loved by the generous and loving
    Best regards and wishing a reply, the girl of only 13 summers, Elise

    Note from Michael: Elise, I wish we had a young adult support group. I knew of one but legal concerns made us shut it down. Can you talk to your parents about what you are experiencing? Or a grandparent?

  68. silver linings
    Hi Michael,
    I just finished January First..took me two evenings. I have worked in the field of Autism for nearly 15 years with students with such difficult behaviors that they cannot attend a “typical” school and often need a significant amount of home support. However, as you know, this is difficult to come by.

    I admire your openness, courage and determination in seeking help for Jani. The support you provide to other parents, professionals and individuals who suffer with mental illness is a gift. Just sharing your experiences is far reaching. I do hope your dreams for Jani come true…that she finds a touch of joy in everyday and that she never looses the very real sense of how much she is loved.

  69. I am now just reading your book and i have to say that you and your wife are very srtong.It must be a very hard job but you look at it like you want to help your daughter no matter what,i have a lot respect for you both.You have a beautiful family also,this hits close to home for me because my cousin has a boy who is now 13 and they think that he could have schizophrenia.They are just in the middle of finding out.He has been in trouble at his school for going on the school bus and trying to hurt some children because he said they are too loud and he could not stand it.He has also said numerous times that he would like to die(soo sad)I hope that there is something for this soon.My prayers to you and your family.Keep strong!