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“Halloween Rocks” 2013 video

This is what we do. We provided a fun and stress free Halloween party with DJ and karaoke to children who have various classifications: mentally ill, “emotionally disturbed” (educational classification), undiagnosed. Every child in this video has some brain based, non-structural (meaning there is nothing physically wrong with the brain) disorder. These are the children we help. These are the children you help. Your support makes events like this possible.

First, the preview video:

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Then, the full 23 minute video.

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My favorite parts?

Adam breakdancing at 11:45 in the full video (these kids got mad talent).

The smile on Jonathan’s face at the end of both videos. When I was editing (and it is pretty simple editing, just cuts joined together) I knew that was how I wanted to end. Jonathan’s smile is the reason we do what we do. Please support those smiles and those breakdances! We can only do it again next year, and our other events for the kids, with your continued support.

Thank you.

Michael Schofield



5 comments on ““Halloween Rocks” 2013 video

  1. This was so great to see. I love seeing these kids so happy. I remember when my son was in kindergarten and, as I walked down the hall, I was stifling my emotions. It was hard to see all the pictures of happy children smiling for the camera on their apple picking field trip. “That will never be my child.” I was there because my child probably hit or kicked someone again, and because he was on his third or forth one-to-one of the year. Enough about us though. This relates because I was wrong. Seeing all your children playing, dancing, and smiling reminds me of that. Thank you.

  2. This video is amazing! These kids are having fun–just like any kid would have. What struck me the most was how these kids seem so uninhibited–so unafraid of anyone judging them. I also really liked the parts that showed the parents getting totally involved with the kids. Michael–you’re not bad at singing!!! The whole thing is heartwarming to me to see this kids having a good time just as kids do. I wish something like this had been around for me when I was younger. Michael & Susan you deserve a whole lot of credit.

  3. I love the video = ) What a great event! Everybody had a fantastic time. Thank you Jani Foundation!!

  4. Michael and Susan, I think you are the best parents in the world. Seriously, you are the greatest parents I have ever seen. Many people would give up at what you have had to deal with. I love how you have used your experiences in raising Jani to help so many other parents and children with similar struggles. You are so inspiring, as is Jani! Most people chose athletes, movie stars or music artists to be their heroes – but I chose you!

    1. Thanks but we aren’t heroes. We are just parents. We do what we feel we have to do.