This is Jani's Journey

Jani and Michael April 2012

Jani Schofield is a 10-year-old diagnosed with schizophrenia living in Southern California. This site chronicles Jani’s bouts of rage, her make-believe world, and Michael and Susan Schofield’s efforts to keep their family together while also safely raising Jani and her toddler brother, Bodhi.

One comment on “This is Jani's Journey

  1. I just finnnished the book and I cant stop criying. I have a daugthter who is crying as a baby al the time. Because I dont know what to do and nobody and I have nobody to help me I did not do the Wright things. She is 25 now and she got some problems with her selfesteeme, all my fauld 🙁 I knew it all of my life, but during reading book it make me feel all the pain inside of not helping her the way I should have done! I have so many respect for you, your wife and Janni and Bodhi! It is more then
    respect, but I cant fond the words for it!! Sorry for my poor English, Im from The Netherlands, thats wy.
    I wish you and your family all the best, and will follow you from now on. Diana