Susan is putting Jani to bed. I am putting Bodhi to bed. This is our last night with our family not under one roof.

Tomorrow is a big day.

By this tomorrow night we will all be living together again.



12 comments on “Re-Unification

  1. You made my day
    I’m so happy everything went well 🙂

    Note from Michael: So far, so good! Tonight will be our third night together.

  2. 🙂
    whoo hoo!!! im so happy for you all. i hope the transition is very smooth for you all. what a great accomplishment.;D

  3. Yay!!!!
    Best wishes! I see only better things for your family to come from this transition. Know that there may be bumps in the road but you shall prevail as one unified loving family!

  4. How is it going?
    How did everything go? is Jani okay? is she adapting well?… I’m so happy it all worked out! When i read the blog about you being able to get one apartment, i flipped out! i was so happy for you guys! I even told my psychology teacher cuz i was THAT happy about it! I feel as if i went on the journey with you. I know though, that you had a MUCH harder time with it because you had to face it every day. But you made it. congratz!

    Note from Michael: So far, so good! Hopefully soon, I will be able to write a full blog, but for the present we have completed the move and Jani is doing well.

  5. this works
    This is to michael
    Give Jani 25mg diphenhydramine 3 times per day initially to establish efficacy at that dose. The diphenhydramine at higher dosage levels interdicts thought processes that get out of hand. It also slows down thought propagation. Diphenhydramine is the active ingredient in Benadryl but is also the active ingredient in several OTC sleep aids. michael, please try this and don’t be talked out of doing exactly that. It is very, very effective and is superior to the psychotropics generally prescribed. I am not talking about ‘instead of’ but rather ‘in addition to’. The difficulty of using a psychiatrist is that thy have never ‘been there’ so to speak. I know what works from experience. This WILL allow her to have much enhanced thought control.

    Note from Michael: I appreciate your concern, Steven, but I personally never give medical advice to anyone else and I would encourage you not to you, either. You can get into trouble for it (technically, it is illegal). It’s always best to work with a doctor.

  6. YAY!
    This is great! Awaiting the next blog~

    Note from Michael: Thanks. Hopefully, I will be able to write a new blog soon.

  7. i am so happy that you guys are able to live together again. It is clear that Bhodi loves his sister and that Jani loves Bhodi, and the fact you now can live together again must be amazing. i am soooooo happy for you guys!! so happy!! i can’t imagine how you must feel! I hope everything is going well and that the transition went smoothly!

    Note from Michael: So far, so good. We are having some issues but they are not related the move. It is nice to all be together again.

  8. My heart truly goes out to your entire family. It must be so difficult for all of you. I applaud you both for getting through everything the way you have and as best you have. It’s amazing the strength, love, understanding, and compassion you both have. I have several family members who suffer from schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder as well. My father is one of them. I know, too, that it can be very difficult and heartbreaking to watch your loved one go through the suffering caused by mental illness. My very best goes out to you both, as does my heart. Take great care.

  9. So, I had been a regular reader…posted a bit…hoped to help more. Then…my husband & I found that at almost 40…we had a baby on the way. Now…We have our ten YO and a 8 MO…and every so often…I have five minutes to myself. This post makes me so happy. A move toward family in a more “typical” manner. A completed book to buy…again…so happy. Congrats to you & Susan…you have worked hard…this ALL is huge.