Susan and Jani were woken up by the process server with an eviction notice this morning. Not sure why since we already had the eviction notice. Now we have to pay both September AND October rent (total, including legal fees: $3300). Just to get caught up. Doesn’t include what we will need to get into a a single apartment.


We have about $1500 in donations so far, which I appreciate. It just seems the target keeps moving further away.

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  1. I sent 50$ the other day and I’ll send another 20 right now hope it helps.

    Note from Michael: We got both. Thank you!

  2. I just read through your blog in a matter of days and I sent five dollars. I hope it does some good and that you keep strong. You deserve so much more for all you’ve done, just for Jani. If I weren’t at the end of my paycheck atm, you’d get so much more.

    Much love to you from the other side of the ocean.

  3. I hope Jani and Bodhi are doing well.

    Michael – I’d like to ask – why do you keep renewing the leases on these two apartments? Looking back, you’ve been publicly blogging about your rent woes for about a year. Relying on donations every month and shelling out extra for penalties doesn’t seem like a good game plan. Children feel the stress of financial troubles, much like we adults do. It isn’t healthy to continue on like this.

    Education code 46600 would let you enter into an agreement to let Jani continue at her current school, even if out-of-district. You can also get transportation provided. Because her program is specialized and her current district has been so helpful, I can’t see why they wouldn’t agree. It’s possible to find rents (on one place) more affordable in a neighboring district (if not in the current district), and use door alarms to keep everyone safe. I know it’s possible. We live in a 4 bdrm duplex in West LA for less than you are paying on those two apartments.

    Good luck with your rewrites. Have you appealed to any of your readers to assist with the editing process?

    Note from Michael: At the time of the last renewal, we didn’t see a choice. We wanted to stay in the complex to minimize the stress on Jani (she reacts badly to any change). Our credit was rejected for a two bedroom apartment but for some reason (probably because they are making more money off us paying two apartments than one) offered to renew our lease. With our poor credit we didn’t have many options but the main reason was we didn’t want to stress out Jani. Her stability depends on the stability of her life, same thing, same environment every day. Another thing is we can’t go look at other apartments since Jani is always with us except for the hour she is in school, which would give it away. People forget Jani is stable but that stability is very fragile.

  4. mom of a schizo-affective child
    I have followed your story and can’t tell you how courageous my husband and I feel that you two are. We have two disabled children. One of which has several differing diangosises (one of which is schizo-affective bipolar type). It takes guts to speak out and allow the public to scrutinize your life. We get constant criticism even from family on how to handle things. Like life isn’t hard enough without having the world question you as a parent. Hang in there. What you have done is making it easier for the rest of us to get up every morning. I have to drive my daughter 92 miles a day to and from school. Sometimes sitting in the parking lot the entire school day to ensure if there is an issue I am right there. I have replaced windshields and yes dealt with those 1 hour only visiting rules when she was hospitalized. Pulled her out drugged with meds that I didn’t approve of because interns wanted to watch a basketball final game. Pulled plastic bag off her head when she couldn’t deal with it anymore. Make a decision between her and her sibling as to whom got to stay in the home. It isn’t fun and we give up our lives for our loves. Thank you for making it a little easier to bear.

  5. Out of curiosity, a coworker told me his wife works on this project at NIH:

    I told him about your blog and Jani, and was curious if it was something you had considered. I know you prefer having Jani at home, and NIH is far, but (from what I have gathered) she may be a good candidate. She would be one of the youngest patients so far, if accepted.

    Just thought if you hadn’t heard about it, you may want to know it’s out there, and there ARE people working on other kids like Jani.

    Note from Michael: Hi Steph. Yes, we are familiar with it. We actually tried to get Jani into it over two years ago but one of the automatic disqualifiers for the study is any type of organic brain injury. The small portion of Jani’s thalamus that showed up ischemic during her one MRI disqualified her because it is considered a stroke event and therefore a brain injury. But I encourage other parents to contact NIMH. I do wish they had more funding. They are only three beds available in the entire study.

  6. I know $5 is hardly anything, and even less after paypal fees, but I do hope it helps, even if it just buys Jani lunch at Burger King one day.

    Best of luck to you and your family.

    Note from Michael: Anything helps! Thank you so much, Rachel!