New blog coming soon…

I am sorry that I haven’t been able to update on how Jani and the rest of us are doing. Right now I am scrambling to finish the book, which is a major disruption to our family and I can’t wait until it is finally finished. When it is, hopefully in the next two weeks, I will return to blogging.

Thanks for your patience,



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  1. indigo
    Hello Michael, before you finish your book, look at this film about the indigo children. Maybe you find some things in common with Jani, I hope you could change your mind.

  2. Book is the most important thing! Blogging comes last, always. Good luck, and looking forward to an update when you have the time for it. :]

  3. i am hoping to get in touch with jani’s parents due to i have a 10 yr old saughter who is also schitzophrenic and i believe she was born with it. i have found very little info or support in my area and would be thankful for any suggestions..thanks c.armstrong

    Note from Michael: Hi Christy, do you have Facebook? The best way to stay in touch with us on a regular basis is at

    Happy birthday Jani!!! Jani and i share the same birthday.. so i always remember it!!… I hope she has a wonderful birthday!!! and i hope for the best for ur family!!!!

  5. Hey there stranger…

    I just wanted to let you know even though I kind off went off on you about Watching the Wreckage and I still don’t completely agree with your approach, upon reflection I am proud of you for sticking to your guns about the whole donation thing, and I am so glad the book is almost done. You are trying to help other families too and just because I (and most people in my shoes, I think) never have really experienced what an unconditionally loving support system must feel like doesn’t mean that what you are trying to do here is unrealistic. You might not be able to change the world, but Jani will probably never have to feel the kind of desperate aloneness I’ve lived in all these years inside my mind. It is better to achieve this for her, than to care about what random people think of your asking for money. They can say no. Anyway I’ve really missed trading comments with you and I appreciate you allowing me to speak my mind. I might not be able to afford to buy your book right away but I’ll be spending the day in Barnes and Noble reading it as soon as it comes out. Thank you so much for loving Jani — and in an indirect way, all of us struggling with mental illness — like you do.

    Note from Michael: You don’t have to buy it. I will send you a copy when it is done.

  6. To All Bodhi-Boosters
    The Schofields need about $1000 to cover the cost on Bodhi’s apartment this month. I’m going to donate $50.00. That will leave about $950.00 due. So I’m thinking that if a 100 or so Bodhi and Jani boosters can donate as little as $9.50, that would be enough to cover what’s due.
    If you’re going to donate, do it quick-time since costs can really skyrocket fast when it comes to rent. As you know the managers of that apartment complex don’t cut anyone a break.
    I’d donate more but I’m running a little low this month. I realize times are tuff all over.
    But as I’ve said before, hat’s off to those who can donate and hat’s off to those who want to, but can’t.

  7. Wow.

    I was very moved to hear your kind offer to send me a book. I say no way to that, as I want to help support you as you have me. Will you please let me know (privately if needed) how much you need to make it this time? I may have to pull a few strings but there’s no way I’m letting you go under so close to the end. We all need to pull together to get your family through this. If you succeed in your mission, you will pay back society tenfold.

    I know you are busy, but maybe instead of sending me a book you might take a moment to look at my new blog and tell me what you think. It’s not all about my mental illness but that’s part of it. Mostly I just want you to see my writing because I know you are an English professor and your own writing style inspires me. If you like it, you can share it with anyone you want. Link is above. Everyone is welcome. Maybe I will be inspired to write more if I feel like someone is paying attention.

    Oh Michael, be strong. You’re almost there.


  8. I just wanted to wish Jani a happy belated 9th birthday :). I hope she had a great day and that everyone in the family is doing well!

    I will send a donation along as soon as I get paid!

  9. Dollar Donations Please?
    Recently, Michael commented that if every person who visited this site donated a dollar, it would go a long way to helping them out. I donated my dollar to help support the Schofield family, will you please do the same?

  10. Greetings
    Hello! Just to let you know that I donated last week and hope it helps. You do not need the additional stress of worrying about rent money. Hope your book is going well. You write with such compassion and honesty not seen anywhere else, and I know the power of your words in this book will touch the hearts of all who read it.

  11. thank you
    i wanted to thank your family for bring your daughters story out. It has been very inspiring. My mother has a mental diorder called disoiative identity dissorder and some days are awful and others not so bad but its a constint fight and will never go away. your familys story makes me want to keep fighting and hopeing one day she will be able to manage her diagnosis and be happy. hearing your story and reading about how you fight for your daughter every day how you contiuse to love her and help and that your not willing to seperate your family…. its amazing i wish you all the best of luck and i will continue to follow your story. You are absolutly amazing people and wish you all the best.

  12. Hey!
    Hey! I have a friend, and she’s like … obsessed with this blog. It makes her day! Thanks so much for making her happy (she’s a little suicidle) ! Your the Best!!(:

    Note from Michael: Ah, okay….Does she need any assistance? Somebody to talk to? The “a little suicidal” part worries me.

  13. well i am only 14 but i have studied schizophrenia and jani . i work with special needs children . i see such a bright smart beautiful person in jani . i would love to work with her .

    Note from Michael: Hi, Serena. Well, that would depend on where you live (we are in the LA area) but where ever you are I am sure I can find a local family with a severely mentally ill child who would love some help. If you are on Facebook, come over to and introduce yourself.