Mission Statement

“Socialization Over Isolation” is our motto!

The Jani Foundation brings Special Needs Children, their families, and friends together for FREE Kid-Centered Events in enclosed facilities such as: Sky High Trampoline Sports, Scooters Jungle, an Indoor Halloween Party (DJ & Magician included), plus a Promotion Party at the MB2-Raceway. We begin our functions in the Fall when the school year begins.

All underage, whether physically, mentally, or both must be accompanied by an adult, guardian, or other responsible party to sign waivers for these functions.

These events give caregivers the chance to talk freely about medications, therapies, and other circumstances that would normally occur in other social settings. If there is any meltdown from any child, no one even turns their head in judgement because we’re immune by our own life’s experiences. And, the best part is, we are there, ready to help in any way possible.

Please join us in making the Jani Foundation so great that we are able to go beyond our present point and give police officers the psychologists they need on-hand to avoid needless tragedies involving our special needs family members, whether, or not, they are children or adults.

Another goal is to provide 24/7 psychiatric clinics because mental illness and autism never take a day off. A crisis can occur anywhere at any time and we’re in dire need for places to go where we don’t hear the common phrase, “There’s Nothing I Can Do.”

The Jani Foundation is creating a “safety net. With a brand new functioning Board of Directors, our focus is currently in the Santa Clarita Valley, but we are getting ready to expand Chapters in communities throughout the nation. Please join us in our efforts.


Susan Schofield
President/Founder of The Jani Foundation