Made it another month

Thank you to all of you who helped us, most particularly one particular donor who wishes to remain anonymous but who has my deepest gratitude. I am sorry I haven’t been able to respond to your comments. The internet was down because of non-payment in both apartments but thanks to all of you we have been able to pay the bill and get it back on. That is why I have been gone until now.

More soon, I promise.


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  1. Your internet
    I notice that your Facebook site (“The Jani Foundation”) continued to post throughout the weekend, following your last blog post. Others have noticed this too. As you know, there are some who are ill-disposed towards you who will claim this is evidence that your internet was in fact not shut off. I believe you are completely honest, but for the benefit of others, it might be a good idea to explain this apparent discrepancy to your blog audience, in case they entertain any doubt. No need to post this message, by the way (unless you want to). But you might want to address this issue in your next blog. Michael N.

    Note from Michael: It went down in Jani’s apartment but I managed to pay it in Bodhi’s before it was shut off there (it has since been restored in Jani’s apartment). I also did not update this site immediately. I think there was a gap of several days before I did. Other more pressing matters to attend to. Also, we can update Facebook through our cell phones while I cannot do that with this site.

    No offense taken but I really don’t care what those “ill-disposed” to me think of me. I have gotten used to the fact that by the simply being a somewhat public figure, there are always going to be people who hate me. I can’t spend all my time responding to them. In fact, I can’t spend any time responding to them.

  2. Long time silent follower
    Michael, I am longtime silent follower. I would love to send a donation but I am not sure how to do that from here (Belfast, Northern Ireland) I am originally from Pennsylvania where my partner and I adopted two boys(full brothers 12 years ago. Both boys have multiple disabilities physical and learning as well as mental illness. We are blessed to have been able to move here to Belfast three years ago. My partner is from here. In America we were barely surviving here we are surrounded by help and support from family as well as receiving social support as the carers for our two boys. Sean, age 13, our oldest has been hospitalized for the past month and possibly for the next five months. He is a psychiatric unit for young people with severe learning difficulties. Sean has traumatic brain injury, limited vision, severe learning difficulties, right sided weekness, epilepsy, pdd, adhd and bipolar. His always challenging behavior became unmanageable when he hit puberty. He became so violent that we could no longer keep him safe. Our younger lad Liam ,age 12, has cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, sleep apnea, moderate learning difficulties, ptsd, severe anxiety,and periods psychosis. Life continues to be intence but we are so blessed to be provided with housing, a car, and financial support not to mention national health care. As we live on support we do not have much but want to send what we can as we can from here to help you and others who are struggling. Keep up the good work and God bless.

    Please forgive me because I do not know your entire background although I have heard about your story on television several times. I am not sure if anyone has suggested this or not but PLEASE try nutritional therapy. Nutrition is the key to EVERYTHING…please check out these resources below. Modern medicine only treats symptoms, not causes!!! 75% patients make a FULL recovery with nutritional therapies! IF you have a regular doctor or “specialist” he will probably blow you off and say that nutrition is not going to help, but it does! Please seek the advice of a holistic doctor or someone who has experience in alternative medicine….what do you have to lose?? Please, for the sake of your children and your family give this a try. Best of luck to you and your family! God Bless!!

  4. hare krsna
    please for the sake of this child bring her to a priest no medical treatment will ever work for a child who is haunted by demons the child is not crazy and she is not lying pleasde help her hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare please chant that powerful mantra and help her for gods sake i will pray for that child please see a priest

  5. Apartment rent
    It seems like paying rent each month is a miracle for your family. Why don’t you find two less expensive apartments? And get a wireless router in one apartment that can be accessed by the other apartment.

  6. Re: The

    Thanks for the explanation and I’m glad you took no offense. I wouldn’t pay any mind to the “ill-disposed” either, except for their potential to put doubt into the minds of others — which could affect your ability to obtain financial help from your readers. This practical issue is the only reason I would pay attention to them a little bit. When people give money for any charitable reason, their antennae are very sensitive to any sign of fraud. And when in doubt, they simply don’t give. Again, I am not casting any aspersions at you; to the contrary, I would hate to see the paranoid rantings of others harm your ability to maintain your family in any way. In fact, I’ve been astounded by the poisonous and vitriolic statements made by your “critics,” based on no evidence at all. I don’t know anything about these people, naturally, but my hypothesis is that many if not most of them are themselves mentally ill on some level. Their obsessive fixation on you, and their paranoid innuendo seem to point to this. Of course, if I’m right in my supposition, this is the ultimate irony, since you have devoted every moment of your life to protecting and preserving a beloved daughter with the deepest of mental illness — and yet, in making your fight public, you have exposed yourself to the hatred of individuals with perhaps similar mental health issues.

    Again, my best to you and your family, and especially to Jani and Bodhi. I have bookmarked your book on Amazon, and will purchase it the minute it comes out.

    Michael N.

    Note from Michael Schofield: I had no idea that my book already had a release date set until you told me you had bookmarked it at Amazon. Unfortunately, I am still working on revising it which is why I won’t be blogging for awhile, as much I want to.

  7. So glad you are back.I hope all is well with you and your family,esp you , they need you and so do we sorry to say.I mailed a donation to the school you teach at–not much but I hope it helps. Thanks Barbara

  8. I hope you find what you need
    Wow, to the person who suggested that Jani is “Possessed” and needs to be taken to a priest, i think that you are confused. Instead of suggesting that Jani needs an exorcism, I would like to suggest that you seek the services of a psychiatrist. Jani has a mental illness, she is sick, she has a disease, she is receiving medical care, how many different ways would you like me to phrase it? This is not something that Susan and Michael are making up, this is not a publicity stunt, this is their LIFE. If Jani had cancer, and not schizophrenia, Susan and Michael would never have to deal with this kind of criticism, they would be applauded for doing whatever it took to get their child well. Well, they are doing whatever it takes to get their child well, but because of the disease, instead of being recognized for the loving, caring parents that they are, they are constantly harassed, criticized, and told that what they are doing is wrong. Do you have any idea how hard it must be on them to live separately because that is the best thing they can do for their children? My son was in residential care in a different city than the one we live in for three months, and I spent three days every single week away from my family, in a town I did not know, because that was what my son needed. It was hell. I cannot imagine spending every night away from my husband. Susan and Michael have opened themselves up to horrendous abuse in the hope that in doing so, they can assist some of the other thousands of families that are in the same position. And believe me, they have paid, and are continuing to pay, for doing so. It is one of the most selfless things I have ever witnessed. This is reality. Their reality, my reality, thousands of other peoples’ reality. One of the symptoms of mental illness is the inability to differentiate between reality and fantasy. Since that is the case, I hope that you seek professional help soon. May God bless you on your endeavors.

  9. Michael, Why are you saying you had no internet when your wife has had no lapse in her Facebook activity? You clearly have internet in at least one apartment. What is the purpose of misleading people?
    I am sure you won’t post this – would love to know what you are thinking though….

    Note from Michael: Sigh, he says, having already explained this. Facebook can be updated from our phones. This blog cannot. I can’t even access this website from my phone, front or back-end.

  10. Michael,

    Just wanted to let you know that you already have at least 1 sale of your book. I just pre-ordered it from Amazon.

    Note from Michael: Thank you, although it scares me that it already has a release date and I am still scrambling to try and finish it.

  11. Do people ask other charities for itemized statements of their expenditures before donating? Do they ask the homeless person on the corner panhandling for a written account of their life history or to take a lie detector test before handing them a dollar? That is the equivalent of what people are doing on here badgering this man, but somehow since this is primarily online that makes it okay because they can tap, tap, tap on the keyboard and remain anonymous assholes instead of idiots with a face???? Hello, have any of you considered the pain, agony, and guilt that asking for the help of strangers causes? The answer is NO, of course! Dignity comes at a high price when someone you love is suffering.

    Note from Michael: Thank you, Rebecca. Very well said and very nice analogies. However, the handful of people who criticize me don’t do it because I ask for money. It’s not about that and it never has been. Their anger at me is and always has been about Jani receiving anti-psychotic medications. If I suddenly announced that I had seen the error of my ways and I was pulling Jani off all her medications, they would turn around and call me a hero. They are very transparent because the things that they come up with to attack me are rather ridiculous. They don’t know Jani. They’ve never met her. All they know is their rigid belief system. Unfortunately, historically rigid belief systems have a bad habit of killing people and still do.

  12. I know the feeling
    This month will be real tight for us as well.I have to be really creative to get us through. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  13. I understand
    August will be a tough one for us as well. I don’t know how we will make it but I will try to be creative. Best of luck to you and your family.

  14. Donating
    If people have such issues with what he spends the money on, why don’t you write checks right to his apartment complex to pay the rent? Or right to the power company, internet company, buy a bunch of Mac n Cheese and send it for the kids, buy gift cards to the places that have food Jani will eat. I’ve read so many people say they “would” help if they approved of what Michael and Susan buy, so why don’tyou guys just do it for them? The family needs help….. I feel like they’re being treated like untrustworthy criminals. Why????

    I wish I had the means to help you guys out. Nobody deserves to be judged so harshly for doing what most of us could NEVER handle.

  15. I wish I could help you more but sadly this month is a little harder for me due to a few missed work days last month so less pay.

    I’m definitely going to preorder your book. It’s also available to preorder on Amazon in the UK. The cover is beautiful – is the girl actually Jani?

    I’m sorry your struggling. If I was in the US I would love to be able to send you food vouchers or something but I’m not even sure if I can do that from here.

    Note from Michael: Hi Katrina. No, the girl on the cover is not Jani. The image was chosen to invoke a sense of what the book is about. I like it.

  16. Book pre-order
    Hi Michael,
    I just pre-ordered a Kindle edition of “January First”. Don’t want to pressure you but I do want the publisher to get excited about pre-orders. Who knows, if enough of us pre-order maybe they will up the ante!

    On a totally separate note, I notice there’s another poster here with the same name as me. It’s an unusual name so I’m glad to see she is of the same opinion as me. I support what you and Susan are doing 100% for Jani. Not because I know you or Jani but because I can see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice – the passion, the longing to help your child, the selflessness, the frustration. I admire you as a father, good job!

    Note from Michael: Thanks, Rhea.

  17. I am in the process of watching your story on television. I am not a doctor and my perspective is one that is based on experiences of faith, spirituality, and God. I believe over 50% or more of mental illness is misdiagnosed. Me and my husband went through a year of torment of a severe spiritual nature which lead to me doing my own research into other factors that could create erratic uncontrollable behaviors that could be misdiagnosed as mental disorder or illness. I know this all may sound strange but I was drawn by Jani to try to reach out and share this information as I firmly believe that there is always hope.

    There is a doctor who is also a pastor. He has written many books that have helped restore many many individuals, some of which had been diagnosed with severe mental illness for years and are now free from it. The name of the pastor is Dr Neil Anderson Phone: (865) 342-4000 and I believe he is located in Tennessee.

    I sincerely believe if it were possible for you to meet Dr Anderson there could be a greater hope for improvement in your family’s life.

  18. Jani’s documentary is on AGAIN
    So I am watching Jani’s documentary right now on the OWN channel (Cox, Phoenix, AZ). I can’t believe you don’t get royalties from this, or if you do, that they aren’t enough to pay your bills. How much are they making from these big name advertisers? Christ…anyway, I only wish that you could have shown your real self in this show….it would be so much better with the swearing and the frank statements about how mean people..yeah, they suck. So Fuck Susan’s family…amazing you are still going there. I guess that I feel a connection with you because I’ve had to estrange myself from a large segment of my family who would not assist me in being an advocate for my young father during his journey with cancer. They all said “he’ll be fine, why have you abandoned your life in search of answers for him.” Yeah right, he was the most important person in my life and I wouldn’t let him go until every fucking stone was turned over. I guess now that he’s gone, I wish I had a support system should I ever be in his shoes, but how do I know they would treat my illness any different than his. My aunt (not by blood) has schizophrenia. She’s 70 years old and has never had medical intervention…the excuse is “she is a Christian Scientist and would not want medicine.” That’s a good one. She was the homecoming queen at Harvard and now her daughters have to hire someone to follow her around her neighborhood where she leaves coffee cans full of her excrement in her neighbor’s back yard. The last time I saw her, at my brother’s wedding, she was still mixing semi-coherent thoughts with conversation about how the russians had been watching her and her family in the 1970’s because they wanted to study the “perfect American Family”. My poor Aunt Margie. Anyway, best of luck. I am currently on Seroquel for sleep and management of anxiety. It’s the only thing that has worked for me. It probably isn’t for you because you are generally watching Jani (and this shit will put you OUT, but not like Ambien where you are sleep-walking/eating. You are down for the count but at least wake up rested. Maybe you would want to consider it for nights you don’t have Jani..just so you can rejuvenate yourself. Fuck this illness and the haters. Peace out.

    Note from Michael: Your aunt sounds like my mother. Anyway, no we get no royalties, no matter how many times they re-air it. We were paid a modest amount the first time and that was it. We have never received another dime from the show. Neither has the production company. Just OWN.

  19. Book
    I’m thinking your book will be translated in many languages. And parents worldwide will use it as a basis for dealing with children suffering from mental illnesses.

    You think outside the box as Dr. Mark DeAntonio points out. The book is going to be an inspiration, I think.

  20. I don’t like the Paypal fees
    Hi Michael,

    Is there any way to donate not involving fees? I would rather your family receive all I am able to contribute (unless the fee ensures your privacy). Love and luck to you and yours.

    Note from Michael: I don’t think the fee is to protect our privacy. I think that is just Paypal. We don’t have a PO Box and I don’t give out our address but you can send donations to Michael Schofield, Department of English, Mail Drop 8248, California State University, 18111 Nordhoff St, Northridge, CA, 91330.

  21. In Awe of the parents you both are
    Michael, I’ve seen the show on TV about 4 times now and for some reason last night I decided to look for your blog. I’m shocked by some of the comments and accusations people make and say about your families choices. I read thru tons of your old posts and love the way you write. You write the truth that so many of us feel and are afraid to admit. You are more honest in what you tell us then most people want to really hear or know. I think this scares some people. I feel so many parents in your position would have put their child into a facility long ago, but you and your wife are the true meaning of what being a parent is all about. You both are amazingly unselfish and put your children and what is best for them first. Do not listen to anything but what you and your wife believe is best for Jani. God made you her parents for a reason and he could not have made a more perfect choice! 🙂 I will start to donate what I can each month and will forward your site on to others. God Bless you all and know that your journey in life has so much meaning.

  22. I am so glad you’re blogging about this.
    You are helping others. I hope you find it therapeutic. Your sense of humor feels familiar.

    [watching 20/20 on DVR]

  23. I am so glad you’re blogging about this.
    You are helping others. I hope you find it therapeutic. Your sense of humor feels familiar.

    [watching 20/20 on DVR]

  24. donating

    Could you post an address or another way to donate without fees? If the fees protect your privacy, I get it; but, I dislike having to pay for Wester Union Paypal etc. I can get over it, if you prefer the Paypal & wiring options. Just thought I’d check.

  25. The misinformed advice and bickering must be hard to stomach when you already have a lot to consider in your life already. I consider this family to be brave, inspiring and loving.

  26. Address
    I really want to help but dont do any of the online credit cards or anything like that. For me, everything is cash. Is there an address we can send cash too? A po box? a person at UCLA that can get it to you? Anyway you can think of where i can mail it to ya.

  27. status
    How are you doing for rent this month?

    Note from Michael: Hi Keri. Still haven’t made it yet on Bodhi’s apartment. Were about $500 short but now it is has gone to legal so it will be probably be closer to $700 now.

  28. Rebecca asked:
    “Do people ask other charities for itemized statements of their expenditures before donating?”

    The answer is, yes they do. Not for profit organizations have to submit their tax return, called a Form 990, every year, and the IRS releases it for public inspection. It is a condition of being tax exempt. And on this for is an itemized statement of their expenditures. People check out charities all the time.

  29. Michael, thank you so much for posting that address above. I too was uncomfortable with Paypal fees, but want very badly to help. You never fail to amaze me with your faith and love for your children, and what the health care system has to offer you is just…horrible beyond words. It makes the crap psychiatrist I saw this year seem like the most helpful man alive, in comparison.

    I agree with what was said earlier, that it really is a shame that people facing childhood mental illness (or illness of any sort, really) must be portrayed as 100% emotionally balanced, sound and calm all of the time. It shocks me that people come to your site and act like they’re uncovering some big conspiracy theory when they realize that you’re human, and have just as difficult a time dealing with your daughter’s illness as they might with their own child. The thought that you should have limitless energy and patience in a situation this demanding and emotionally draining is almost laughable.

    What Rhea suggested interested me, actually. By no means do I distrust you, or disapprove of what you purchase with the money that you receive. However, I was wondering if Jani and Bodhi would enjoy receiving a care package with things that they like – be it books, toys, food (Mac N Cheese was mentioned?), gift cards, or anything else.

    Either way I plan to send you something to help out with rent – but I’m curious as to whether the kids would like a little something of their own as well.

  30. Jani’s Castle # 4
    Jani Boosters: Rent is now due on Jani’s apartment. It’s about 1300. If you can donate something , please do. Michael and Susan are now considering moving back into a single 2-bedroom in the same complex. This will cut down on shelter expenses, but they have to get current with the management first. This move will stress Jani a little, but she’ll be in a very similar physical environment, with her own room. So hopefully it will work out for her. Bodhi’s a tuff bird, so I don’t think it will affect him much.
    A hundred of us boosters paying just $13.00 could do the trick. As I’ve said before the management of that complex is a pretty hard-nosed crew, and I’m sure they’d evict at the drop of a hat. So if you’re going to donate do it the quickest.