Excerpt from January First!

January First by Michael Schofield – Excerpt

Two years in the writing and finally you can read the first 13 pages at the link above.

In three weeks, you will be able to read the entire book.

Available for pre-order in hardcover and for all your favorite electronic readers (Kindle, Nook, iPad). Just click the link above.


PS: I will be back with new blog entries in late August. I have some guest posts and blogs coming out (2 in the US and one in Australia) and I am working on those at the moment. I will let you know when they are available and where you can find them.

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  1. I cannot wait to read the book, Michael. I have read the foreward–it is well written and emotional. Good job, so far, on the book. I will read it in one sitting when it comes out. I have a suggestion: on the January First website, I would change the background color because you can barely see the fonts and texts. However, I like the updated design, keep up the good work.

  2. Michael,

    BRAVO! Finally getting to publication stage is a huge feat – a real accomplishment for you, all of you. You are an eloquent writer – cant wait to read the whole thing.


  3. Hey Jani’s daddy!!!!
    It looks GOOD! So Proud ! 🙂 Bet Jani’s proud of you too! Yeah I’m back. I’m Home. I brought home good and bad news for you to share with the group. First the good.

    I got help I’m back on Medicine and We think we know what’s wrong with me!

    now the bad. It’s not what Jani has after all so I’m useless to her and my dreams of knowing the amazing girl she is and the amazing brave Man you are have been dashed against the rocks.

    I have depression and what looks like Bi-polar. Oh well I knew even as I rushed around to get ready to leave it wasn’t meant to be.

    thanks for everything and as always my love goes to you the group and Jani. (Save some for Briana if Kelly let’s you that was her name right? Kelly?) I’ll always be around on here reading how Jani is and on facebook if you ever want to say “Hello!”.

    I know it’s a busy time and you may have someone handling the blog for you maybe your Wife maybe a friend. But if it’s still you I hope for a note back from you (If you approve this) saying hello and that it’ll be alright. But until then thank you for everything and please know I tried. If you want me to share my adventures with you I shall just let me know where and when and how. tell the group their ex kitty says Meow 🙂 =^_^= and say hello to “Winter Angel” for me which reminds me….You can use the poem seeing it up will give everyone hope 🙂

    Note from Michael: Hi, “Friend.” I know who you are:) Glad to know you are feeling better. Was getting worried about you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have what Jani has. What matters is you set a good example for her by taking care of yourself.

    As for the book, Jani knows about it but she is neither here nor there about it. I don’t talk about it with her and she doesn’t talk about it. We try to keep her life pretty routine.

  4. It’s 6230 miles away from you. I can’t (hope not ever be able to) even try walking in your shoes, let alone “I know what you mean” stuff. My 3 years old is a perfectly neurotypical kid. Still: you teach me love. Seriously. Can’t wait to read January First.


  5. So there you are Jani’s daddy!
    So there you are! I have Missed you! This kitty is reporting for duty now MEOW! bring me up to date are you mad? Can I come “home” to the group? is Noel still mad? Did Kelly find the audio books? Did Briana like them? Is Jani home and safe? (I dreamed you had to take her back guess that’s my guilt for not being “right” for you guys and the group at work)

    those I talked with (Sarah Athena and her persona “Ivan” and one other I think Sabrina it was?) All want me to come home to the group ASAP they don’t get I can’t just yet. Got to wait for Robin’s kiddo to be well and you guys to have your meeting now don’t I?

    Are you mad at me? 🙁

    You can put the poem up if you want. it’ll help me remember my time with you guys in group 🙂 and let Jani know I still care even if I’m not like her after all.

    I have been worried about everyone. How are you? I’m minus 3 new medicines they cost over 1000 bucks and mother refuses to pay that much no matter how much I beg and plead. I even got one of the nurses at Rolling Hills (the hospital I went to in Ada OK) to get after her! It hasn’t worked yet lol.

    Guess what though. if I come back to the group early (I think noel wanted me perma in therapy but that’s not in the cards right now sadly I’m TRYING though) maybe we can all brainstorm and find a way for me to go back into therapy (same problem as before sigh) and I can get an official retest to see if the Dr at the hospital was right and I have Bi Polar.

    the hospital unit was nice we were called the ID unit. (Dunno why lol) We had groups to go to and they were GREAT it got old after a bit but I went with excitement as I never knew what would happen next in them some days we’d start on one topic and then next thing we knew we were on another and then suddenly it was time to go back to our unit!

    I had friends there and there was a girl that reminded me so much of Jani my heart almost broke. (She seems to be in much worse condition than Jani though. I guess not everyone has the tigers heart like she does. Nor a mommy and daddy that fight right along with her plus a brother. 🙂 Like Jani does so…..)

    Well give everyone my love and meows and purrs. Give Jani a hug for me if she’ll let you.

    And so now I look to you as a friend as her dad and as a mod….

    Am I stable enough? Am I ready? I promise to do right by you guys some how.

    Note from Michael: No, I’m not mad and no Jani hasn’t gone back to the hospital. We are working on getting you back into the group. Are you back on Facebook? You can email me at

  6. Congratulations!
    I am so happy for you about the book! Congratulations – it’s amazing that you were even able to write a book in addition to your very busy life. I hope you can now have some peace and sit back and let the money flow to your bank account! My wish is that your book makes the best seller list and brings you financial relief. You certainly deserve it!

    I have had it pre-ordered on my Kindle and look forward to reading it!

    Note from Michael: Thanks, Rhea, but I am not holding my breath for that kind of success. First, I have to buy back my advance before I even get royalties, which means I have to sell a LOT of books. I just don’t know that it will get enough interest from general readers. I hope so. I need it to be successful to secure Jani and Bodhi’s futures. I need to get them a house and set up a trust to pay property taxes and utilities in perpertuety.

  7. Greetings from Australia
    I am looking forward to reading your book. It has been a while since I checked in on your blog, but you have never been far from my thoughts. I knew you had been busy writing your book, and it is great to see you have finished it. How is Jani lately? Do her cats and rats still torment her, or has she found some peace?


    Note from Michael: Certainly far more peace than she used to have. It’s just lately the rats and 400 have been getting stronger. The hallucinations have started gaining strength again in the last couple of weeks.

  8. …please read this Micheal.
    um hey…

    ive ended up here because i was wtahcing the video’s on yoitube of Jani’s sctizophrenia…and well ive ended up here…
    ever since i watched those videos ive wanted to meet jani so much…
    whether you will believe this or not but i have the exact same problem as jani but im not scitzophrenic (supposingly) but i see and hear thing…very very siminar to jani. Im 15 now and oits been going on 5 years straight…
    and its getting worse and i dont want to get medication or help. (i know…)
    i saw jani’s videos when i searched up “seeinga dn hearing things” on yoitube and it came up with your videos on childhood scitzophrenia…and well…i watched every one…

    but i was wondereing if maybe you would read this and…well i dont know what but…i just want to post this honestly.
    Just tell jani that shes never alone and tell her that i have friends just like that but a little….different i could say…
    probably couldnt say much on here…

    well thank you…
    and please try to reply…it would just…help i guess.

    and…for others…i am not joking about this…this is serious…
    thank you.

    Note from Michael: I will tell Jani she is not alone.

  9. I can’t wait for your book, Michael! I will be buying the Kindle version. As a mom of a child with autism and OCD, I find your entire family to be inspiring & courageous. It’s hard to find support, understanding & respite even in our situation. You & Susan are simply amazing. Sending hugs to Jani & Bodhi.

  10. na
    I just finished your book which I preordered on Amazon. I honestly can’t remember how I came across your daughters story.I think it may have just been random online searching, but her story stuck with me in a way I can’t explain. I honestly don’t know how people could criticize you at all for what you’ve done to help your daughter. I would love to see them try. I just wanted to say I enjoyed the book, and that it sounds like “50/50” is being a very modest odd speculation for Jani considering how you and your wife are handling things.

  11. Crown Publishing graciously sent me a copy of January First, which I finished minutes ago. I worked in Child Psychiatry at Washington University – St. Louis for 15 years and saw everything in both the patients and parents there that you described in the book. While reading, I felt every bit of your heartache. Although I may be slightly biased because of my work and subsequent interest in the topic, out of the approximately 30 books I’ve read so far this year, January First is my favorite. I’ll write a review on my blog soon and plan to tell everyone I know how much I loved it. Thank you for telling your story.

    Note from Michael: Thank you.

  12. Hello, I just finished reading your book and it was so good!! I wish there was more and I hope you write another one someday. I have mdd with psychotic features and Jani makes me feel less alone. Bravo for getting your book done and for raising such a lovely daughter and for sharing it with us.

    Note from Michael: Thank you and I am glad you feel less alone. We have private secure online support groups for individuals suffering from MI where you would so many like yourself and no judgment. If you are interested, email me at or message me at

  13. I bought your book and read it in one sitting. It grabs the reader by the heart and never lets go. Your raw, unabashed honesty was painful to read and yet I was sad when it ended. I need to know how this story ends and I pray you will write another book because we are emotionally invested in Jani’s story. The world is rooting for her.
    Like many of your supporters, I saw Jani first on Oprah and her story has never left my mind. Her innocence, beauty and brilliance is unforgettable. I pray that you continue to let us into your world because your story is changing lives for the better.

    Note from Michael: Thank you, Carol. It’s a little early to be talking about any kind of sequel. I suppose that depends on the success of January First. But I appreciate the sentiment.

    And I appreciate the emotional investment. Just please remember that Jani is far from the only child suffering from severe mental illness or even schizophrenia. Jani’s story is of no benefit unless it changes how we view kids with mental illness and provide support.

  14. I am awed you could write one with everything you have going on. Congratulations, seriously.

    I read your comment in the blog about January’s diet and as a parent I understand how you can’t make a child eat what they don’t want to. Also, as a woman with bipolar – I can relate a tiny bit to January’s struggles.

    I just felt compelled to share some info with you on the chance it may help. I’ll put some links in here for you to read if you want to research further.

    For your consideration: diet basics that sound like January would actually consider eating and would be easiest for you –

    • up the fat intake everywhere you can which is really important for anything brain related, especially since she won’t eat meat (cooking with butter or lard, fish oil supplements, nuts and avocado – it’s great that she will eat eggs)

    • swap out wheat for gluten free where tolerable (like rice pastas, cereal or rice and nut crackers)

    • use sourdough bread

    • add fermented foods like yogurt, cheese and even sauerkraut if she likes it – to build up the gut flora, especially after antibiotics (pro-biotic powder can be sprinkled on food, too)

    • avoid processed foods (hard, I know – but it sounds like you are already doing that) and reduce sugar where possible

    There have been studies that link wheat to aggravating schizophrenia symptoms. I’ve tried some gluten free pastas made of rice that weren’t bad. The bread is not very good, however. There is research that shows that sourdough bread is best due to the fermentation process and even some gluten intolerant people can eat it.

    Cooking in butter or lard would help with a fat increase, as well as the research that vegetable oils are not good for us once they become unstable after heating during processing and cooking (cold pressed are good if you don’t cook with them).

    Please understand that I’m sending you this out of love. I can’t begin to imagine the hell you’ve both been through. I realize that you are doing everything in your power to do what needs to be done, and the last thing you want is unsolicited advice on something that will make your life more difficult. That’s why I tried to make suggestions that may not seem overwhelming and I’m NOT trying to tell you to stop anything you are doing with medication or “go holistic”.

    If you try a few little tweaks in her diet, and you don’t see any improvements – then I am truly sorry for wasting your time. But if a couple of tweaks could help her, I would feel terrible if I didn’t try to help you.

    You are all in my prayers.

    – H.

  15. 🙂
    I can’t wait to read this book. I have schizophrenia as well. I think it’s great you are putting yourself out there and showing what a loving family you have made. 🙂 I watched every single show on Jani and she is just the best. I think she will have a bright future. She seems to be extremely smart and she is gonna go far despite her illness. I think people like Jani and myself can do amazing things if we are just given the chance.

  16. Just purchased the book and can’t wait to read – she’s fortunate to have the parents she has….. Good people.

  17. I have read your book January First and would like to compliment you as the author. Your words came alive on each page.