All Good Things… (Update-Close, but not out of the woods yet)

Dear Readers.

Some of you have inquired so I wanted to give you an update on where our family is in terms of making the rent on Jani’s and Bodhi’s apartments.

First, I want to say I am shocked. I knew my readers were generous but I really didn’t think even our most ardent supporters would be able to come through like they did. In less than 12 hours, we had enough to complete the rent on Jani’s apartment (along with my CSUN monthly paycheck). I never doubted that you wanted to help. I just honestly didn’t think you would be able to do it because of how bad it is everywhere. Everyone is struggling. I know you may not be able to come through forever but I am extremely grateful to have gotten as far as we have.

However, the rent on Bodhi’s apartment remains unpaid. I have about half of it ($700). I wrote in a comment yesterday that we were only $400 short because I thought we were. Then I checked the bank and saw that my check for the cell phones, which had bounced earlier, had gone through again. This is why we are now about $700 short. The three day “Pay or Quit” notice hasn’t come yet but I expect it today. Which means if we don’t pay by the weekend we will owe another $100. If we don’t pay by the time we get sued for eviction, it will increase by $500 in legal fees, taking the rent to two grand.

I really don’t have any expectations. If you can help, thank you. If you can’t, I understand. No explanations necessary. We are sort of beyond the point of explanations now.

Internet remains unpaid, but I am far less worried about that than making the rent on Bodhi’s apartment. We can live without the internet for awhile. All that would happen is that my blogs would go away for a few months until I can get a draft of my book accepted by the publisher for publication and get my next part of my advance. Annoying, but hardly the end of the world. Least we have the cell phones for another month.

My best wishes to you all,



8 comments on “All Good Things… (Update-Close, but not out of the woods yet)

  1. Stay Strong!
    Stay Strong, praying for you guys. Only have 5 dollars on my paypal but will donate. Even when I don’t have much it feels better to give it to other. God Bless

    Note from Michael: Thank you very much! We appreciate it!

  2. This happens every month and every month somebody comes through for you, so I don’t think you should worry too much!

    Note from Michael: It does happen every month (although hopefully not for too much longer) but the economy isn’t getting any better. In fact, it is getting worse for a lot of people, if not worse. So it isn’t a lack of desire to help I fear. I am just afraid people might be tapped out.

  3. Just found your blog. Wanted to know if you were able to make ends meet. Also have kind of a comment kind of a question. Have you guys ever considered moving to somewhere that has lower housing costs and living expenses overall or is it out of the question due to Jani’s care? WhereI live in the us, rent on a very nice two bedroom apartment wouldn’t be more than bout 600. 1,500 here would get you a 5 bedroom house. Just a question, God bless you.

    Note from Michael: Hi Celeste. No, we have not made ends meet. The reason we don’t move is because Jani needs as much stability as possible. She loves her school and they have done a great job setting up a truly individual program for her. What she has is not something we would be likely to find anywhere else. That, and I don’t want to put her through a move. Don’t worry. I paid the rent on her apartment and I can stall eviction on Bodhi’s apartment, hopefully long enough to finish this most recent draft of my book and get my next advance check.

  4. I applaud you and Susan for the journey that you have been on for the past nine years. Your courage, stamina and sacrifice astounds me. I was able to donate a little but not as much as I wish I could but hopefully I can donate more in the near future. Your continual giving heart that I read, in the midst of your own struggles is a testimony to the true character which is evident in Susan and yourself. May God continue to give you grace and strength and may he also continue to be with your children.

    Note from Michael: Thank you.

  5. Schizophrenic
    hello, i was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age, and i was somewhat violent too. but kids will be kids and i know she might be more violent than other kids, but most likely she’ll grow out of that and you can live together. also try other medications there are plenty to try, exercise helps a lot too. and it might take her longer to mature and grow out of her “Caveman” episodes. its just the schizophrenia amplifieing everything, shes probably a mentally stronger child than you think. god bless your family, there is hope and it WILL get better

    Note from Michael: Oh, I think she is VERY mentally strong. She deals with hallucinations constantly and still functions pretty well. I would call that “strong.”

  6. Options?
    Hi Michael,
    I know that you have always stressed the importance of keeping Jani in her routine and having her stay in the school district. However, have you ever considered keeping Jani’s apartment and moving Bodhi’s apartment to a more affordable location? I know this may create some instability in terms of you and Susan being farther away from each other, but wouldn’t that be preferable over the financial strain of the other apartment? Also, by keeping a residence in Jani’s school district, wouldn’t that ensure both Jani and Bodhi would still get the help that they need as well? And once Jani and Bodhi are ready to live as a family, you could move Bodhi back into Jani’s apartment complex? Just a thought.

  7. Something to think about.
    I saw your story two times now and both times it has haunted me. I am a Mother of 4 children, 3 of which are triplets that I raised alone from birth until age 8 then married and divorced with another child 5 years later. I know what it is like to try to make it without any means of support so even though I wish I could help you with your money issues I cannot but hope that you will open your mind and heart to what I am going to suggest to you regarding your daughter.
    Did you ever consider that she may have a connection to the spiritual world or posession by a dark entity? I know how this sounds and I am not some religious or Satan worshiping freak. I have done extensive research in this area and your daughter meets the criteria of demonic posession. I do not want anything from you just to give you some information that may help you. You and your wife stated that your daughter saw beings from when she was born, how do you explain this? You have exhausted all other avenues what have you got to lose? Your daughter will hurt your son! You owe it to him and to her to try to save her. Do what you want with this information but please consider it. Here is some info on what to look in to.
    Different types of religions have different rituals they practice when performing an exorcism. In Islam an exorcism is called rugya. It is done to repel non-angelic beings, known as the jinn. Muslims use their exorcism ritual as a way to heal the damage caused by witchcraft. The ritual consists of reciting some specific verses of the Quran and invoke Allah’s help. Jewish exorcisms are more elaborate. A Jewish exorcism is intended to not only drive out the possessing entity, but to start the healing of the possessed and the possessor. The ritual is performed by a Rabbi who has mastered Kabbalah. At the ritual, there’s a group of 10 adult males called a minyan. They form a circle around the possessed and recite Psalms 91 three times. The Rabbi then blows a ram’s horn in a certain way as to destroy the body and shake the entity free from the possessed. After the entity is loose, the rabbi will communicate with it to find out why it was possessing the person. Lastly, the minyan will pray and perform a ceremony for the entity to leave and for both to be healed. Your daughter is not herself. She states that she wants to hurt her brother or even you and your wife. Open you your mind, do you really think that medication will cure this? Why is it the these so called voices never say love everyone and pick flowers? No! They want to hurt and even kill. I hope that you will look into speaking to someone about it, what have you got to lose?

    Please let me know how you are doing. My prayers are with you and forgive me for the intrusion into your life but I felt compelled to contact you after Much consideration. Best wishes.
    Cis O.

  8. Some thing to think about…
    Hi Michael,

    I actually can echo what cis is saying in the previous post as I personally have had experience in this area. I won’t go into detail about my story on a public website, but if you wish to know more about what happened to me and how I healed from this, you can email me on Again, i am not a religious nut etc just someone who may be able to give you some advice.