About Us

The Jani Foundation was founded by Michael and Susan Schofield. Named for their daughter, Jani, diagnosed with child onset schizophrenia at 6 years old, Michael and Susan felt alone in their struggle to keep Jani alive. Through their own journey, Susan and Michael have met families who are fighting to keep their precious children alive… and families who have lost the war against mental illness. We believe a child, no matter the age, should never be a casualty of an illness that can be treated. It is our goal to make that treatment happen. It is a promise we made to families whose children are gone and the families who live in fear of schizophrenia or bipolar taking their children. Severe mental illnesses can and will kill if not treated. Our goal is to save the lives of those with severe mental illness, ease some of the stress their families deal with, and educate the public about severe mental illnesses and their impact on not just the families, but all of us. We welcome you to the fight.


The Foundation’s goal is “socialization over isolation.” We provide free social events for public school children classified “emotionally disturbed” (ED) and their families. It is a very simple idea: if you encourage social opportunities for ED/mentally ill children, you decrease the isolation on which the mental illness feeds on. We are teaching these kids that our community cares about them and that they are part of us.