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  1. One
    I think I understand Jani She reminds me of myself when i was younger.I am so sad though to see how her parents have made her life one of micro-managed anxiety. I believe, that she is a blessing and has brilliance above and beyond anything, that the people in her life can possibly comprehend or even begin to imagine. I am very saddened to see the road they are taking her down. I wish I could help them understand her more
    Janus Sharpe

  2. Hello Michael and Susan. It was really nice reading about your trials and tribulations dealing with the doctors. My daughter Audrey will be turning 6 in September, and we had a similar experience trying to get her diagnosed with Autism. She is still not diagnosed, but we are sure she has it. The trouble is, not all of her symptoms align with typical autistic children. She is a very difficult kid with major anxiety issues. What really kills me is that she knows that she is different and cries a lot about it. She is afraid of rubber toys, various textures, spaghetti, and other strange things. Once a kid had a rubber ball and tried to show it to her, and she ran and screamed, almost running into the street. She also has major problems sleeping through the night.

    Thank you for your blog…it makes me feel like I am not alone!


  3. I Can Only Imagine What Your Family Has Been Through…But There Is Relief..!

    Jesus Christ Is A Healer & Jani Can Be Healed From Schizophrenia and Bodi Can Be Healed From Autism…!

    I Have Actually Prayed For A Child With Autism…and The Child(Who Never Made Eye COntact, and Didn’t Like Being Touched) Looked Me In My Eyes, after I Prayed…!

    I Have Been Healed From A Pseudo Tumor…and He Relived My Pain

    My Husband and I Just Lost Our 3 Month Old Son To SIDS Febuary 2, 2012, But Jesus Healed Our Hurting Hearts, and Restored Our Minds…!

    I Love Your Family, and Was Moved By The Trials You All Are Enduring…and I Know Jesus Can Bring You Relief…!

    If You Would Like More Information…You Can Email Me

  4. How does January feel about the camera on her?
    Does she know about it? None of the film pieces discuss her feelings about the camera on her. You guys are really awesome parents. I loved the two apartment thingy. How novel and creative. I wish I could order your book but it is too hard in the Bahamas to do such things. Maybe I can help with a trip for your family here. No one here cares if things get different. And the water is so pretty. I don’t think January likes planes though. And, I agree with her. They suck. Hi January. How are you today? What do you think of the camera? You look very nice and smart when you are filmed on it. At least that is what I saw. You have a really pretty name. I am glad you like dogs also. I love doggies. From Liz Goings – Nassau, Bahamas I have three dogs and their names are: Camouflage “Cammy of Le Flage Au Lait or the little green bean”, Gizmo “The Giz The Gizzard The Gizmo of Pizmo” and Andy “Andy the Pandy the Wandy”.

    Note from Michael: I would love to go to the Bahamas but we can’t really travel. Jani needs stability and traveling throws her off her routine. As for how she feels about being on camera, she really hasn’t said. It’s hard to explain. She is aware and not aware at the same time. She doesn’t really pay attention to them but she knows they are there. Nor does she pay attention to any of the shows she is in.

  5. A parent and a friend.
    Hi, I would love to offer you some help with Jani. I’ve worked with several families and with children that have special needs. Please email me I could forward you my resume. I will keep it very affordable and I will assure you of great service for your beautiful daughter. I am also a parent. God bless.

  6. Dear Marguerite
    So, dear Marguerite, bearing in mind that Michael is a rather nice to his readers,and, yet more important, a relatively busy person, and I’m neither very nice (have no readers to be nice to) nor very busy, so I tell you what: Schizophrenia is a [u]brain malfunction[/u], well, type of a chemical disorder, ok? Prayers are fine, however, they don’t (not that it’s been proven) treat brain malfunctions. I’m sure Jesus The Healer (I am a believer, jokes apart) absolutely loves the way Jany’s loved and treated.
    Keep praying for Jani. I do.


  7. Great writing Michael. My husband and I find that your honest writing about your marriage is better (and cheaper!)than therapy. Thanks for doing what you do!
    PS. we did try to join the facebook community that you invited us to, but the link wouldn’t work.

    Note from Michael: The site is hidden. Come to http://www.facebook.com/janifoundation and we will make sure you get it.

  8. Admire….
    .. everything. I have worked with emotionally disturbed kids, and was diagnosed manicD way after that.

    Every story makes a difference, but we are all connected in some way. I just feel like – all the people I’ve known, and people like me, and the kids I had in my classroom, their families – we benefit everytime a story is told, and every single time it gets read or heard.

    I might connect a little more – on account of who I happen to be, but I think it has to be a big challenge to – invite people to understand, all of them. And to be so fucking brave to put so much out there and still be straightforward about it.

    I liked reading the end, about Jani and the trick-riding and her playing with Bodhi. Wish more blessings for that – on not just you guys, but a lot of families with similar stuff.

    Note from Michael: Thank you, Vikki.

  9. I was a teacher for over 30 years in Chicago. The majority of my career was spent working with special
    education students and their families. I would love to see Jani get more services from your local public school
    I think Speech and Language therapy may support and improve eye contact
    I think PE with a one on one instructional aide may help her socialization skills
    I think there is lots of hope for Jani
    She is young
    And yes life has been so very difficult for all of you but somehow
    You have managed to stay focused and stick to a schedule
    Keep going and if you ever want to consult do not hesitate to contact me
    I am retired now, but I have many ideas and anyone that helped would be the one worth hearing

    Note from Michael: She does get all those things from the school district or has gotten them in the past. It took about two years of battling the school district but now we have a very good relationship with them and they have created a unique program for Jani.