A chance to obtain a personally autographed copy of January First

Dear Readers and Jani Boosters!


I have been authorized by Crown Publishers to offer those waiting for January First to be published in August a rare opportunity to receive an autographed copy of a pre-release uncorrected “proof” or galley. This is a collector’s item as this version of the book will never be available to the public. I am holding an auction to benefit some families with mentally ill children on the Jani Foundation Facebook page who are facing eviction and the winner(s) get a pre-release galley personally autographed by me and mailed to you, free of charge, anywhere in the world.

And here is the Ebay link:

For the first time on this page, as a donor you can get something in return for your donation: a once in a lifetime collector’s item and a change to read the book three months before it is released.

The auction will be open for the next seven days.


Update 5/4/12: Anyone who makes a donation of $400 to via Paypal to or by purchasing on Ebay at, I will mail you (free shipping) a copy of a pre-release galley of my book January First, personally autographed by both me, Michael Schofield, and Jani. When you make the donation, just include whom you would like the book addressed to and an address. Limit 5 available at this price for a version of the book that will not be available to public, signed by me and Jani. The proceeds will be split three ways between us and two other families with MI children facing eviction (information) at Hurry! Only 5 available at this price!

4 comments on “A chance to obtain a personally autographed copy of January First

  1. january first
    I used to follow your blot allot. Not as often now that I’m only averaging one day off a week and lost basically everything to a flood. But I do check back time to time and I still feel you are doing amazing with Jani and Bodhi and that they couldn’t ask for better parents than you and Susan. I saw this because of the suggestion on amazon’s kindle store. Which is what I’m typing on now is a kindle because I still have no computer or home really but that’s not the point. As soon as I saw your book I purchased it on preorder because of the fact that I find yours jani’s bodhi’s and Susan’s story interesting and inspiring and that deserves to be acknowledged and I am sorry about warrior mom and I hope that your problems with her are done because you do not need that on top of everything sleds you do.

    Note from Michael: Thank you, Sarah.

  2. A Blessing
    Michael Schofield,
    First, I just want to register with you that Jani is the most adorable little girl I have ever seen in my entire life.
    Second, I want to say that I have never been more moved by any story. I read January First, and since I am not a generally emotional person, I was surprised when I found myself crying when her diagnosis was made. The fact that something like schizophrenia exists to torture anyone, but particularly children such as Jani, hurts more than words can describe. How can things like this happen to innocent people who haven’t done anything wrong? I just want you and Susan and Jani and Bodhi to know that I am behind you all 100%. I have always wanted to help people, and reading Jani’s story confirmed that. Please tell Jani that I promise to dedicate my life to helping people like her, and that there are people who care. Perhaps someday, someone will discover a cure for Jani’s illness. But until that day, I believe that Jani will stand strong. It’s not the brave rescues of the superheroes of our imagination that will be remembered, but the small defiant acts of people like Jani, who stand tall and fight, and who are very, very much real.

    Note from Michael: I will. A cure would be nice, but in the meantime we have to work to change society so that kids with severe MI are accepted and have every opportunity every one else does.

  3. Hey michael, just saw you and your beautiful fam. On Dr. P. I have previously seen you on oprah and the Discovery documentary. I started reading your blogs yesterday as I haven’t been able to afford your book yet. Iwanted to let you know I appreciate you getting your Daughters’ story out there. As I woke up today I was wondering how your fam. Is doing. I also had mental problems as a child although not quite as severe as Janis. As a young child I was treated at usc med ctr. My parents knew their was something wrong with me but couldn’t figure out what it was. I cried at school until I was around seven or eight I wouldn’t interact with anyone and I was terribly shy. My sister says she still rememmbers me sitting on the bench at recess crying while everyone played around me. The teachers didn’t know what to do with me either since it was disruptive in the classroom. All ii can remember was that it litererally felt like my heart wasbreaking. I would get spanked , yelled at, was made fun of relentlessly I wanted to be different and like like the other little girls but I didn’ t know how. I was also the product of a an alcoholic father which needless to say made my home chaotic. I don’t know if this was the main issue as I’m sure every child of an addict doèsnt suffer through this. I have now been able to self diagnose myself with severe clinical depression with severe panic disorder. Miraculouslyat the age of eight I was suddenly okay. I don’t know if it was hormonal or if suddenly the chemicals in my brain got balanced. But I made friends and became active in school. The voices in my head were gone. And although life hasn’t been easy for me and ill always been known in my family as the one with problems, self mutilation , alcohol and drug addiction now I consider myself the sane one in my fam.I am divorced, have a seventeen yo son and three dogs. So iguess I’m trying to tell you that although I never was as ill as jani things can turnaround , be hopeful
    Pray a lot, have faith can’t wait to read your book your book one day and I will include you and your fam in my daily prayers, take care

    Note from Michael: I am sorry for what you’ve been through but I commend you for the life you’ve constructed. Jani has come a long way as well in terms of constructing a life.