Month: October 2011

The move is going through

All obstacles have been cleared (thanks to many of you). Everything is a go. We move the family back under roof on Tuesday. AT&T can’t get out to hook up the internet until the 25th, so it will be a while before you hear from me again. Nonetheless, my next blog will be from our new apartment with the family reunified.

In closing, I will say what I have said before. Despite the cost, despite the fact that I had to humiliate myself on a regular basis by begging for money, the two apartment strategy worked. Bodhi loves his sister and Jani is no longer violent. We did it and you helped.

Now, after two and a half years, this chapter is closing.

Red Light (Go)

I hate that every single blog is about money. I really do. It wasn’t always like that. But I can’t change the reality of our lives.

It looks like the move back together into a single apartment is not going to happen. Despite the best efforts of a few wonderful people, we didn’t raise enough to even cover the rent on Jani’s and Bodhi’s apartment for October so we could stay current. If we don’t stay current, the move is dead. The complex won’t let us move while we owe them money.

We needed $2100. I actually have raised that before.

But when I needed to raise it to get out of this eternal facing eviction, I couldn’t do it.

On Tuesday, we will be delinquent again.

That will start the eviction process all over again.

And that’s not even the worse struggle I have right now.

Oh, well. Sometimes when there is no hope, floor the accelerator.