The Jani Foundation, a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, provides fun social events, always free of charge, to “non-neurotypical” children and their families in our hometown area of Santa Clarita, California. From indoor trampoline centers to bounce houses to go kart racing, our goal is to provide a fun, relaxing, and non-judgmental social opportunity for kids with mental illnesses, emotional and behavioral problems, autism, or undiagnosed brain disorders that impair natural socialization. The more support you can give us, the more social opportunities we can offer for these children. Thank you! Click here to donate!



Protect your autistic/mentally ill loved one! Get a QR Code ID patch! If your special needs loved one is lost or is confronted by law enforcement/emergency personnel, the patch can be scanned and their information will come up! Sign up is free and you can order the patch by itself, on a shirt, or even on a Jani Foundation “Socialization Over Isolation” shirt! All proceeds go to pay for our social events for mentally ill/autistic children in Santa Clarita!




Jani Foundation “Socialization Over Isolation” t-shirts available by clicking the photo below. Your purchase helps us pay for these events.

Support the Jani Foundation’s efforts by shopping at Amazon using the link below:

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